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Kumagawa's screws? *possible Medaka Box spolers*

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  3. Kumagawa's screws? *possible Medaka Box spolers*

User Info: ZERO1234567

4 years ago#1
Where do Kumagawa's screws come from? Are they just weapons he carries around or do they come from his powers?

User Info: PrimePikachu

4 years ago#2
They are a materialization of his Minus aura.

User Info: ZERO1234567

4 years ago#3
Really? I thought he would need an actual "power" to do something like that.

User Info: red255

4 years ago#4
If the next one is called, because of his MO, the underwear bomber, you'll know I'm on to something. Calvin Trillin June 16, 2006.

User Info: theflowofchi

4 years ago#5
he rips them out of stuffed animals

User Info: Clarste

4 years ago#6
It was briefly mentioned in the Successor arc that it's him imposing his imagination on others, like he did with the "evil sword" when they were playing make believe with the witch. They're not actually real, and the damage they cause isn't permanent.

I think it is actually related to his Bookmaker power though, and of course the last bit sounds like All Fiction. In terms of Bookmaker though, it's related to imposing his reality on others. Bookmaker is a skill that lets others experience what he does, and if he's delusional and imagining screws out of nowhere it seems like that could be transmitted as well. Admittedly, it's sort of vague.
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User Info: LegendOfVeda

4 years ago#7
I'm pretty confident that it's somehow manifested through Bookmaker in one way or another. Screws is how he afflicts people with Bookmaker, but they've also been used as tangible physical objects(like when he played the card game in the Successor Arc).

My guess is that Bookmaker creates them. For clarification, someone light up the Edgeknight-signal.

Edgeknight, this topic needs you!
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User Info: KumagawaMisogi

4 years ago#8
[Only the Book Maker screw has been confirmed to be an illusionary screw, however.]
[Welcome to Class Minus Thirteen. The water here... Is shallow.]

User Info: GTomahawk

4 years ago#9
Tell us your secrets Kumagawa
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User Info: PrimePikachu

4 years ago#10
What are your three sizes, Misogi-chan.
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  3. Kumagawa's screws? *possible Medaka Box spolers*

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