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Naruto 618 *Spoilers*

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User Info: Milkomeda

4 years ago#1
Chapter is out

Edo Hokages galore

User Info: DrKultra

4 years ago#2



Oh well Naruto why you so cray cray?
Nah. We get to read other people's "Other: Stupidity" marks too. Sure, it isn't against the ToS, but people mark it anyway - AEtherSPOON

User Info: Green Tallest

Green Tallest
4 years ago#3
LOL I KNEW IT i knew he would bring them back

but i didnt think it would be so easy LOLOL
...for two years

User Info: half_e

4 years ago#4

User Info: Nintendoomed89

4 years ago#5
I don't know about the rest of you, but that was significantly more exciting than anything else that's been done in the Madara/Tobi/Everyone else fight save Lee kicking Madara in half.
I think the worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades...or a game of fake heart attack.

User Info: Milkomeda

4 years ago#6
If Orochimaru brings these 4 to the war Madara and Obito are completely screwed.

At the same time Minato and Hiruzen finding out Obito was responsible for the Nine Tails attack on Konoha.

User Info: tremain07

4 years ago#7
wow what a slap in the face to the 4th and 3rd that means kyuubi's extra chakra will come back too

User Info: LittleYami

4 years ago#8
I can definitely see it. Naruto vs. Minato.

User Info: LeBronHendrix

4 years ago#9
I think this is all so they can finally rest in peace.
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