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Photo Kano 3 *spoilers*

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User Info: Kogasa-Tatara

4 years ago#1
Wonder if something will actually happen.

User Info: superange128

4 years ago#2
pretty much just the same as usual

User Info: PrimePikachu

4 years ago#3
I wonder if Kazuya will keep hitting the flags for every girl for the rest of the show and manage to get a harem ending.

User Info: Algernon

4 years ago#4
They'll probably opt for Haruka romance at the last minute and rush it because they were too busy spending the majority of the season on these romcom hijinks for every girl at once.

That's probably the only reason they had Maeda join the Photography Club instead of the Photo Club: there wasn't really any real reason related to the plot, they just wanted to show fanservice.
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User Info: Kogasa-Tatara

4 years ago#5

10/10 episode.

User Info: McDohl MR

McDohl MR
4 years ago#6
The slow-mo floor slide was glorious. Everything else kinda sucked. This show is too boring for me, so I'm dropping it. Have fun, ya'll.
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User Info: BigG777

4 years ago#7
i gotta admit the girls are starting to grow on me considering they are only getting a small amount of screen time each. anyways good ep. and damn at that sexy president photo shoot <33

also that looked like a pretty painful first kiss lol.

User Info: bond007106

4 years ago#8
BigG777 posted...

also that looked like a pretty painful first kiss lol.

I'm surprised they didn't knock any teeth out.

User Info: MasterTurtle

4 years ago#9
yeah, that didn't look very pleasant. I want more Sazahara.

on a side note, tennen can mean both natural (as in ingredients) and airhead, in case anyone else thought the use of "thick" was strange. Not that I can think of a better way to sub it.
Can I interest you in a...side mission?

User Info: SongstressCela

4 years ago#10
MC-kun continues to make this series, though I'm super glad the girls are turning out not to be total spazzes either. Seeing everyone react so realistically to things (for the most part) is a breath of fresh air, even if the art varies wildly in quality.

I really, really hate his club members though. Like, a lot. ~ Official Kitty Maid of CE's LGBT Social ~

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