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Weekly Shonen Jump Rankings #22/23

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User Info: xdifferentx

4 years ago#1
Jump Double Issue #22/23 TOC
Cover: Heroes vs Rivals
One Piece (Lead CP)
Assassination Classroom
Moon Walker LTD II (Center Colour, Oneshot)
Kuroko no Basket
Medaka Box (END, Center Colour)
Shokugeki no Souma
PSI Kusuo Saiki
Tetokuchi (Center Colour, Oneshot Prologue)
World Trigger
Sket Dance
Cross Manage
Koisuru Edison
Rookie Policewoman Kiruko-san
Hungry Joker

Note: The final chapter of Good Loser Kumagawa will be published in Jump Next!

Jump Issue #24 Information
Lead CP/New Series: Soul Catcher(S) (Author of Light Wing)
Center Colour: Haikyuu!!, Toriko, Kingdom (Bangaihen)

Jump Issue #25 Information
New Series: Mutou Black

Jump Issue #26 Information
New Series: Smoky B.B. (Author/Arist of Hansaka Ikkyuu)

User Info: reptyle101

4 years ago#2
My guess is Soul Catchers will be a baseball manga. That will be cancelled after 20 or so chapters.
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User Info: Look over there

Look over there
4 years ago#3
According to Zeromcd, Soul Catchers is in the music genre.

Smoky B.B. will be the baseball one.

User Info: LordEmbok

4 years ago#4
damn, weak week for kuroko ):

User Info: GrayArchon

4 years ago#5
From: LordEmbok | #004
damn, weak week for kuroko ):

Weak? It's technically third seeing as everything with a color page is unranked.
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User Info: GTomahawk

4 years ago#6
New Series: Smoky B.B. (Author/Arist of Hansaka Ikkyuu)


I didn't like Ikkyuu much, but I think the guy has potential so I'm glad he's sticking around.

User Info: NME_Enterprises

4 years ago#7
I already forgot what the upcoming series (one-shot?) by the Jaguar/Sexy Commando artist was supposed to be called.
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User Info: Flaming_Fire619

4 years ago#8
It'll be interesting to see if AssClass can keep these rankings when they reach the recent chapters. Depending on how Japan reacts will show how far the mangaka can go with the idea.
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User Info: Mechanimal

4 years ago#9
Ouch Bleach.
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User Info: VeesMcGees

4 years ago#10
Beelzebub needs to get out the bottom 10
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