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In Pokemon Black/White 2, you FINALLY get a reward for completing the Pokedex

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  3. In Pokemon Black/White 2, you FINALLY get a reward for completing the Pokedex

User Info: Solar_Crimson

5 years ago#1
A REAL reward, that is.

Apparently, when you fill up the National Dex, you get the Shining Charm, a Key Item that increases your chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon. By how much is not known yet.

...Thank goodness. I was sick of always getting damn certificates. - My Backloggery
Well that's something. Would have been nice to have a perk in the first game or two, though, when catching them all was considerably less difficult to achieve. Of course, now hackers will just have a field day with that, and I expect the next Pokemon market to be flooded with dishonestly gotten shiny Pokemon.

User Info: Maddnoir

5 years ago#3
That certainly beats the certificate I got in Blue.

User Info: shadow_chemist

5 years ago#4
Who cares about shiny pokemon.
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User Info: Anema1986

5 years ago#5
but the question is, can u get all pokemon with only black/white versions, or u forcelly need to have friends with the previous versions
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User Info: YlFF

5 years ago#6
Seems pointless, especially if it turns out it works only on Wild encounters. Chances are it's not a very significant boost of appearance rate. And even though they implemented the Shiny Dex in BW there is no legit way to complete it anyway.
Now in GSC breeding shiny Pokemon gave you something like 1/64 chance of hatching a shiny, that game had the best Shiny mechanics to date.
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User Info: pokedude900

5 years ago#7
Shinies in the second gen were based on IVs. That's why they were more common. It also meant that they could never have ideal stats. We don't want to go back to that, do we?

And technically, DPPt had the best odds for shinies. 100% if you abused the RNG. ;)
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User Info: duskkodesh

5 years ago#8
I complete the pokedex for the sense of accomplishment. That is its own reward.
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User Info: SKEXE

5 years ago#9
So your reward for all that work is an item that helps you possibly maybe perhaps catch superficial versions of the same pokemon you just caught, encouraging you to do it all over again.

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User Info: Solar_Crimson

5 years ago#10

According to, you don't even need to catch all of the Pokemon. You just need to see them:

Even better, it stacks with the Masuda Method, making breeding for shinies even easier than ever:

You also get a shiny Haxorus for seeing all of the Pokemon in the Unova Dex, and a Key item that increases the likelihood of finding Eggs in the Daycare for catching all of the Unova Pokemon. - My Backloggery
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  3. In Pokemon Black/White 2, you FINALLY get a reward for completing the Pokedex

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