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User Info: Pram_the_Oracle

4 years ago#91

For Marlon. Can't handle these SICK FIRES bro
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User Info: king___mickey

4 years ago#92
zeik56 posted...
They were definitely in AA4 and way way more prominent.

My guess is the blood. The game is more graphic in a few parts than any game in the past.

(Dan don't read this)

To be more specific, it's the"I'm taking her apart to fix her" scene that got the game its M-rating from what I heard.
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User Info: Trigger_Walnut

4 years ago#93
gonna get this this week. bumping cuz i like reading you guys' stuff.
Then let's find that exit they call "Paradise".
Hero Of The Winds 4 years ago#94
Nice to see Athena getting her chance to shine in Case 3. I'm beginning to grow more fond of her over Maya, as she's actually more than the designated sidekick. Though her breakdown during Case 1 seems all the more odd after proving herself capable enough to hold her own against Blackquill. Then again, by the time I'm done with the case, I'll probably have an explanation for that breakdown.
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User Info: king___mickey

4 years ago#95
Athena, to me, has more than earned her place in the Ace Attorney legacy. She's too awesome. That and as you said, her being a lawyer and all makes her a more involving assistant. Love me some Maya though.
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User Info: Trigger_Walnut

4 years ago#96
Finished up the first case. The new saving is great due to me hating how music restarted in the old system. Athena talking about taking up a case beforehand gave me AA3 flashbacks with Mia and Armando. And Sr. Widget is so not a good idea in everyday life but this game will prove me wrong later.

And, dammit, Nick (and everyone else), this is our fifth game. You can't just yell Objection when you enter a room! Speaking of voices, the new Hold It! recording just ain't the same... I wonder if the missing switch comes up later. I was hoping to bring it up in court. I was prolly the only one to be disgusted by the 2-1 reference, seeing i see it as the worst case ever in AA history. It's lolworthy they changed the name to Wright Anything. What is this, the FOURTH name change? lmao. Not so lolworthy is Apollo leaving...

btw, had i not known Apollo wasnt obviously dead, I would have been PISSED.

Overall, like AA4, the game starts off damn strong.
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Hero Of The Winds 4 years ago#97
Case 5 is pretty awesome so far. I'm up to the first day of court.

I appreciate how on top of the Blackquill case, the game references Kristoph in ushering in the "dark age of the law". On the other hand, I don't think it went far enough with the references as it left out von Karma and Godot who were also prosecutors revealed to be murderers.

But yeah, as with AA3, I'm enjoying how they switch up character dynamics in the last case. Phoenix teaming up with his adopted daughter and then later Pearls is quite a fun change of pace.
Hands of gold are always cold.

User Info: king___mickey

4 years ago#98
Too bad Pearls doesn't do much. While the appearance is fun for us Ace Attorney vets, there's a part in me that says that she's planted there as a gateway to a potential plot point for the next Ace Attorney game if the writers want to play on it. The Fey story is all and done but I think Maya and Pearl still has one case in them. Maybe something to do with Maya finally finishing her training and taking up the mantle as the Fey family leader. There's a case in there that they can cook up and toss the Wright Anything Agency attorney team to solve.
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User Info: Trigger_Walnut

4 years ago#99
Just started the last case. I was feeling burnt out from playing 5-3 for so long, but the ending and intro of 5-4 makes me remotivated. I think I'll take a breather though.

I hate when they reveal the killer at the start. Takes the suspense out.
I also hate that I can't freely examine everything. It's what I always did in the previous entries.
I lol'd when the game mentioned first world problems. The localization team is always well-updated.
Blackquill can be a damn troll sometimes. Seriously.
The stepladder convo came back! I was worried that without examinations, I wouldn't get that banter.
Once again, our heroes are idiots. Stop showing evidence to suspested killers! I groaned when the game made me do that. At least make photographic copies! This has happened since the first game!
I loved the mind link ish kinda thing where Apollo reviewed all of the facts.
All in all, another brilliant plot.

The cutscenes were more sinister than usual. They made it seem like all three of them killed Courte and the bloody hands one was overly dramatic for someone who simply had his hand gashed.
Knowing what their proof of friendship is, it seems silly that they have to hide it when a simple cloth move would suffice, but rule of drama.
I wish the mock trial were playable! Woulda been cool to battle Klavier again and actually press the script.
The piano remix of Apollo's theme is hnnnnrgh.
Metal Gear in my Ace Attorney. Hell yeah!
Did anyone else think Robin was similar to that loud guy from Dilbert? Oh, just me? Ok. Speaking of Robin, she's the greatest trap in gaming history. Eat your heart out, Bridgette. And Naoto? You were never competition.
When Trucy mentioned snackoos, it made me realize... Where the hell is my Ema Skye?!
When Means was to become Junie's attorney, I suspected him to be the killer right then and there. Anyone else?
I wish there was a rearrange statue minigame instead of the script doing it for us. You know, the transition from 1-5, AA4 to AA5 has less gameplay options in the investigating days...
ew, yolo was in this game...
I LOVED Means freakout in the ending lmao

This game is so awesome though and I'm almost finished. =(
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User Info: Trigger_Walnut

4 years ago#100
Well, we already knew this from before, but interesting seeing how Arme being called in as a witness forced Tonate's hand to activate the bomb. But why does Junie's memory show Apollo without his bandages unless im misremembering the image?
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