FFXIV 2.2 - March 27

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User Info: Mr Kenshin

Mr Kenshin
3 years ago#11
2.2 patch notes

and a very humorous reenactment of Titan EX battle

User Info: Mr Kenshin

Mr Kenshin
3 years ago#12
Full patch notes

now for the waiting game
Hero Of The Winds 3 years ago#13
I'm feeling the itch to resubscribe, what with WoW going through an incredibly long content drought that will last until the Fall. What's keeping me away though is the lack of multiple jobs for all classes, Arcanists being the exception. I enjoy MMOs the most when I have the option of initially going through content in a DPS spec, and then switching over to a tank spec when I'm more familar with the mechanics. I tried it to some extent with the Summoner/Scholar, but I could never get too into healing in any MMO.

The game desperately needs a dps Job for warriors and gladiators.
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User Info: Mr Kenshin

Mr Kenshin
3 years ago#14
Yeah, they definitely need to add more Jobs to their Classes. Though, we probably won't see anything till a patch or two before the expansion.

User Info: zeik56

3 years ago#15
Well technically you can do that, it would just require a whole lot of grinding.

I'm hoping to see a tank option for Lancer's eventually though. Also I'm not sure how they'd pull it off, but I think the Pugilist should get a healing job. It would kind of make no sense, but it would also kind of make total sense. Give them a bunch of non-traditional healing skills that scale with strength. But maybe that's asking too much from this game. Plus I can't really think of any classic FF job that would fit that role.
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User Info: Mr Kenshin

Mr Kenshin
3 years ago#16
Yoshida's already said there'd be no issues with editing class skills to match the role of the new Jobs for Classes.
And PGL's 2nd job could be Dancer, Zeik.
Also, supposedly Gunner/Samurai/Thief had been found through data mining. There's already a guild house with muskets and a flag in Limsa.

User Info: zeik56

3 years ago#17
I just think a strength based healer that didn't rely on spells could be a lot more interesting than the standard caster healer, but again, I'm not sure it would even work with the way the game is designed.

A Dancer might work though. They're traditionally more of a support class, but i bet they could make a healer/support character work if they tried.
I'm a dick, and I want to subject other people to that. ~ R.I.P. Ryan Davis
Hero Of The Winds 3 years ago#18
Your idea sounds not unlike the monk healing spec in WoW, Zeik. They can heal through their melee abilities, with a mechanic that turns x% of the damage caused into healing. Though they also have a more traditional healing toolkit as well, the idea is there and I could see it fitting into ARR with a fair amount of tweaking.
Hands of gold are always cold.

User Info: Mr Kenshin

Mr Kenshin
3 years ago#19
I have changed my retainers' outfits:
This is supposed to be based off Y'shtola, from the main story
and this is based off of Loonh Gah from one of the beast tribe stories

Also, the Gilgamesh fight was very funny.

User Info: Mr Kenshin

Mr Kenshin
3 years ago#20
Defeated Leviathan. It was fun, but easy. I'm sure Leviathan EX will make me cry though. Also, dual-wilding dagger class/job(Scout>Thief/Ninja maybe?) for Limsa super confirmed after 2.2's main story.
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