FFXIV 2.2 - March 27

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User Info: Mr Kenshin

Mr Kenshin
3 years ago#91
defeated Ifrit EX

User Info: zeik56

3 years ago#92
I didn't see any mention of increased myth gain in the recent live letter.

I think you lied to me.
I'm a dick, and I want to subject other people to that. ~ R.I.P. Ryan Davis

User Info: Mr Kenshin

Mr Kenshin
3 years ago#93
It's in the google doc I just posted. Third bullet point on the 2nd page.
I got ARC's highest cross-class, and got MRD's too. Gonna unlock WAR before starting GLA. PGL is last.

User Info: Mr Kenshin

Mr Kenshin
3 years ago#94
my gil

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