December 2nd, baby. (KHII.5)

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User Info: Rhap_is_back

3 years ago#1

Ugh, yeesssss. Extra scenes are voiced.

User Info: WrenchNinja

3 years ago#2

Seven years but it finally happened.

User Info: uchihasasuke555

3 years ago#3
So how about that KH3 Dearly Beloved?
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User Info: Green Tallest

Green Tallest
3 years ago#4

young xehanort and eraqus?
...for two years
Hero Of The Winds 3 years ago#5
Aw, I was hoping for another September release.
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User Info: goldenhearted

3 years ago#6
>no KH3 at this years E3

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(message deleted)

User Info: fear_d_hotgun

3 years ago#8
Awesome, my anus is all prepped and readied for this awesomeness!
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User Info: angrywalrus13

3 years ago#9
Hero Of The Winds posted...
Aw, I was hoping for another September release.

Same. I liked having it be my respite from school. D:

Oh well. Still insanely stoked for some KH2FM and BbSFM. Gonna have a goddamn ball.
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User Info: Princeoftime26

3 years ago#10
More excited for this than the first. Playing BbS for the first time will be great.
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