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User Info: goldenhearted

3 years ago#11

Time to make that Super Smash Bros. anime, Nintendo.
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User Info: angrywalrus13

3 years ago#12
Nintendo always wins because I am so incredibly jaded with the state of "gaming" that there is very little that could make me excited from anybody except Nintendo.
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User Info: zeik56

3 years ago#13
Looks like I'm finally going to have to get a WiiU. It seems like 2015 will finally be the year when it will have a decent selection of games I might care about.

That said, there wasn't much I was uber hyped about from Nintendo. Sony probably had more that I'm immediately interested in.
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User Info: zeik56

3 years ago#14
I've been unsure how to feel about Destiny until now, since they've only really showed off the gunplay. (Which seemed fine, but not enough to get me excited.) Now that they're actually showing off more of the RPG and customization side of it I'm a lot more excited to give it a try. I'm definitely more interested in getting into the alpha/beta than I was before.
I'm a dick, and I want to subject other people to that. ~ R.I.P. Ryan Davis

User Info: Tsunbiribiri

3 years ago#15
Oh, Pac-Man's also in
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User Info: Mr Kenshin

Mr Kenshin
3 years ago#16
Nintendo saved e3.

Also, the Rogue(class)/Ninja(job) finally revealed for ARR. Will be added to patch 2.4.
The gunner class has already been confirmed too a while back, but has yet to be revealed still.

Pac-Man for SSB4

User Info: zeik56

3 years ago#17
If Nintendo saved E3 then there wasn't much to be saved.

Seeing the Rogue/Ninja makes me want to switch to a Miqo'te. They feel like a fitting race to go with that class.
I'm a dick, and I want to subject other people to that. ~ R.I.P. Ryan Davis
Basket Ball Player 3 years ago#18
I might buy a Wii U after being sure I'd never buy another Nintendo console again.

There's a Target deal where if you buy the MK8 bundle you get a selection of 1 out of 4 games (WWHD and Pikmin 3 among them) when you register MK8 and also comes with an extra wiimote. And by pre ordering SSB with $1 you can get 15% off any other game.

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User Info: angrywalrus13

3 years ago#19
Well, I'mma need to check out Target now.
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