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Where Are They Now? -- Allison Stokke (that pole vaulter chick)

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User Info: kag715

6 years ago#1
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Why is Allison Stokke notable? In the spring of 2007, pictures of the pole vaulter, who was then in high school breaking several records, circulated around the Internet after being lifted from her MySpace and posted on the website (the original WL post has since been taken down). All of a sudden, Stokke became an Internet sensation, with several fan pages and sports blogs ranking her among some of the hottest female athletes. As you would expect, Stokke and her family were none too thrilled about the attention, and her father (who just so happens to be a defense attorney who actually defended those accused of sexual crimes; see links below) began searching the Internet for potential stalkers. As the calls, e-mails and attention came, Stokke eventually became too afraid to leave her house alone. Stokke would eventually commit to Cal, and her player bio on does not have her picture.

Where is Allison Stokke now? Around 2009 or 2010, more pictures of Stokke surfaced on the Sherdog forums, showing that Stokke seemingly gained weight while in college. As for Stokke herself, she recently earned her bachelor's degree in sociology, and will be working towards her master's degree in the Cultural Studies of Sport in Education program. - The Sherdog topic - Stokke in a cowgirl outfit - about the attention she had been getting - about Stokke's father in relation to his daughter's situation - news stories - Stokke interview while she was in high school - has Stokke's future plans

As for all the older pics, a simple Google search will suffice.
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User Info: Grandmaster J

Grandmaster J
6 years ago#2
Over-rated. I'm sure she probably got used and abused @ Cal too.
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User Info: David_Garrard

6 years ago#3
The pictures of her gaining weight are heart breaking. ;_;
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User Info: Paul Pierce Fan

Paul Pierce Fan
6 years ago#4
Hopefully that will at least ward off her stalkers.

User Info: TIDQ

6 years ago#5
She wasn't overrated at all. She was mint. The new pictures with the cellulite is heart-breaking.

I do feel a little bad about the whole stalking thing though.
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User Info: kfcb3

6 years ago#6
That sherdog topic is pathetic.
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User Info: ShadowMan033

6 years ago#7
The Freshmen 15 hits everybody. Too bad it happened to her while she competed in a sport where she probably had to keep her weight down.
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User Info: uctriton00

6 years ago#8
That really sucks about the stalking. I mean, yes she's extremely hot. Be a fan of her. But don't make her uncomfortable to walk around. I wouldn't put it past her that she "let go" just so people would leave her alone.

User Info: the_dude232

6 years ago#9
I saw her at a Johnny Rocket's a few months ago while she was in town for a track meet. She looked pretty fit, but I didn't get too close because I didn't want to bother her.

User Info: Myst2

6 years ago#10
freshman 15 is a total myth and just a horrible excuse for self control.
I mean if there's people around its usually a good idea to go semi-deep into the woods so they can't blatantly see your wang, unless of course you are Myst2-LTJ
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