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*** New York Mets Topic CCXXXVIII: Offseason***

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User Info: kbusch22

2 days ago#341
He just means full velocity. I didn't expect that to fully come back until May or June anyway. It's the same thing that happened to deGrom last year.

And we can't judge spring stats, veteran pitchers have a lot of s*** they work on in these games.

I'd the year with him in the rotation, but keep Lugo on as the longman and have a short leash with Harvey.
(edited 2 days ago)
deGrom has proven he can win when he doesn't have it. Recall, if you will, game 5 vs the Dodgers? Noah was warming up in the 2nd inning. Jake still gave us 6 innings of 2 run ball when he had absolutely NOTHING.

Harvey has not proven he can do that. We all know that Matt can go when everything is working. But he hasn't proven he can get thru 5-6 innings and give the team a chance when he doesn't have it

User Info: walladude2

2 days ago#343
I saw everyone raving about Harvey on Twitter and then saw the statline


I couldn't care less that he threw 96
But I can hear you, loud in the center
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User Info: Link165

2 days ago#344
Yeah really, what the hell does it matter if he's throwing 96 when the ball is sailing over the fence. Even Francesa said on air, "Farnsworth threw 99 but we all knew where those balls were headed anyway because they were straight."

Colon barely broke 90 throwing one pitch and he did good things.
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CEnco de mayo(5/5/07)
I'm not gonna make a big deal over his spring starts but if he doesn't have it when the games begin to count, they cannot let him "figure" it out at the major league level.

Although Vegas isn't exactly pitcher friendly

User Info: kb_57

2 days ago#346
Ditch Vegas and buy the Ducks tbqh
You'll find me in a sea of dreams...
I love the Ducks. It's basically the 1 thing I miss about living on LI

User Info: kbusch22

2 days ago#348
I complained about Harvey a ton last year and how he needed to learn to get through games when he didn't have his best stuff. I hated that he came to camp out of shape, and I hated that he came up with small excuses every time he had a bad start. It was totally ridiculous that they were still throwing him out there in June.

When it turned out he had TOS though, I almost felt a level of comfort in it because it provided some answers and it showed that the seemingly small things Matt was griping about were actually part of a bigger issue. It was baffling to me that a pitcher of Harvey's caliber turned THAT bad in one winter. Like not even serviceable. It's still ridiculous that they stuck with him as long as they did because it was clear as day something was very wrong.

Bottom line is the guy couldn't even feel the grip of a baseball last year and it killed his velocity and deadened his breaking stuff. What I care about is that Harvey gets his velocity back and he can actually get a feel for his offspeed stuff. It's clear that's what he's focused on this spring.

Spring stats are devoid of any context or consequence, not to mention no gameplanning to speak of as far as how to approach certain hitters. For Harvey and most pitchers, it's all about building up arm strength and getting back the feel.

As I've said, I'd keep a short leash on Harvey. Give him 3 or 4 April starts and if it's clear something still isn't right, switch to Lugo. Don't wait around like last year. But I'm not going to look at his statline in fake baseball games and use that as a reason to say he can't pitch at this level anymore. He deserves a chance, and I say that as somebody who's crapped on him a ton.

User Info: theaub

2 days ago#349
Random Q

Are there good standing room places at Citi? Travelling alone to a conference in NY opening week and figure I'll check out one of the mid-week Mets games.
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User Info: Link165

2 days ago#350
Yeah, the porch in RF is pretty good, as is the Shea Bridge if you can get a spot.

I'd try to get there somewhat early because opening week will probably have higher attendance.
Link165 basically just won.-Neosporin_v2
CEnco de mayo(5/5/07)
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