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Softball, anyone?

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User Info: negative4

5 years ago#1
They play with bigger balls.
Chicago Bears 8-8, 3rd NFC North (2011-2012 Season)
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User Info: Keno316

5 years ago#3
We're talkin' sooooooooftball?
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User Info: LeperMessiahXX

5 years ago#4
When I say play with them, I mean you have them, not that you actually play with them. Actually I do play with them, just not as a game.

User Info: SuperSaiyanSonic

5 years ago#5
In my town, only girls played softball.

User Info: negative4

5 years ago#6
But you can play softball.
Chicago Bears 8-8, 3rd NFC North (2011-2012 Season)
WE LIKE IKE! Aethering to victory.

User Info: KBGiantsfan

5 years ago#7
To be honest, I was helping out, hitting balls to my oldest sons baseball team and his manager asked me to join his softball team when he watched me hit. I don't think I want to though, seems boring.
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User Info: pombonavich

5 years ago#8
Softball is fine... if you're an adult.

I feel sorry for the dudes in this video. Delusional.

User Info: SpyroNinja

5 years ago#9
Are you serious.

Let kids play what they want.

User Info: BleedingRed

5 years ago#10
Softball is really fun. I play on 3 teams of various competitive level.

First game is on May 4th...ugh it's taking too long to get there.
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