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Pau not keen about coming off the bench.

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User Info: XRaurosX

5 years ago#1
I won't post the whole thing, but this was the part that made me crack up a bit:

"I've never come off the bench in my career," Gasol said. "(Thursday) was my first game off the bench with the Lakers, maybe a couple other games due to injuries, but that's it. I've been a starter my entire career. I've been a star starter my entire career, so I want to continue to be a star starter."

Delusional much?

User Info: Trigger_Walnut

5 years ago#2
It begins.

Shaq and Kobe? Psh. It's Pau and Earl now.
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User Info: lizardingyoshi

5 years ago#3

Ahh /pau
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User Info: saul777

5 years ago#4
Pau ain't keen on much these days is he

User Info: Thor61

5 years ago#5
Time to trade pau

User Info: Caroutaro

5 years ago#6
"star starter"

***** please.
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User Info: bond21

5 years ago#7
Pau Gatrade
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User Info: djinni204

5 years ago#8
ego before the team.
makes me want amare instead.
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User Info: RTC3

5 years ago#9
well he's done in LA
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User Info: PieMan_3

5 years ago#10
Pau just go please
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