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Grizzlies top six picks through the years

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User Info: FireYeti

4 years ago#1
2nd overall: Hasheem Thabeet
5th overall: Kevin Love (Good but they immediately traded him away along with Mike Miller for OJ Mayo and Antoine Walker)
4th overall: Mike Conley Jr.
4th overall: Drew Gooden
6th overall: Shane Battier
2nd overall: Stormile Swift
2nd overall: Steve Francis (Immediately traded because he didn't want to play in Canada for some role players and picks)
2nd overall: Mike Bibby
4th overall: Antonio Daniels
3rd overall: Shareef Abdur-Rahim
6th overall: Bryant Reeves

Only other lottery pick is Marcus Banks

They've had two of the biggest busts in history, blown chances, and a long list of underachievers and other busts. Poor Memphis.

User Info: bond21

4 years ago#2
read as "top six pack"

was gonna get the tissues redy.
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User Info: RTC3

4 years ago#3
more than half of those guys turned out decent

franchise thabust and reeves (who?!) are bad picks doe
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User Info: _poi_____

4 years ago#4
Reeves was an amazing pick

User Info: bond21

4 years ago#5
Funny how Kevin Love goes 5th and some scrub like Bibby goes 2nd.

You gotta get those high picks in the right years.
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User Info: Tony_Biggie_Pun

4 years ago#7
Bibby was really good in his prime.

User Info: HappyTheLoser

4 years ago#8
Big Country

Stromile Swift has to be the worst one, or Francis lol
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User Info: Snacks92

4 years ago#9
bleh I hate not being able to edit

anyway, to be fair about kevin love, he wasn't that good for a couple of seasons, he would've looked like a bust if he stayed in memphis. If you consider that kevin love is a product of his environment and would rebound like garbage if he was on a team with good rebounders, I don't think he'd even have a place on Memphis, especially since his field goal percentage has never been good, he doesn't play any defense and the only thing he brings to Memphis that they actually need with their current roster is 3 point shooting.

like, the stuff he's improved at he worked at to get better, and even then, he's the first option in minnesota because they barely have any scorers, not because he's elite offensively. he's an elite rebounder in minnesota because hardly anyone else can even grab rebounds.

combine that with how often he's been getting injured, the wolves going nowhere fast and memphis' actual success in the playoffs the past few seasons and you really can't make the argument that giving up love was a bad thing.

User Info: IGotIt4Cheap

4 years ago#10
From: bond21 | #005
Funny how Kevin Love goes 5th and some scrub like Bibby goes 2nd.

Seriously? these new B-Ball fans man, sheesh.
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