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Woj: John Hollinger is a joke

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User Info: Aerith

4 years ago#1
Levien is making these deals based largely on the recommendations of John Hollinger, a statistician who worked for a cable sports company. The San Antonio Spurs once used him as a consultant and regretfully took his advice to sign a free agent named Jackie Butler. It was such a disaster, the Spurs had to attach Luis Scola to a trade to get Butler out of town.

User Info: hellohallo12

4 years ago#2
Oh snap media beef!
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User Info: Philitas

4 years ago#3
Well, to be fair, Rudy Gay is overrated and overpaid, and a previous smart team (Houston) dumped him for Battier.
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User Info: RTC3

4 years ago#4

<3 *Yao Ming* <3<3 *Yao Ming* <3
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User Info: Turtlemayor333

4 years ago#5
He mad

User Info: Krodis

4 years ago#6
Jackie Butler was being paid like 2 mil a year. If they attached Scola to dump Butler, that's on them, not Hollinger.
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User Info: Master Fu Xi

Master Fu Xi
4 years ago#7
Who cares, I don't think in the end that Scola would've been a good fit on the Spurs. This was a good move for the Grizz
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User Info: Celticz34Rule

4 years ago#8
This was only a good move for Memphis money wise. The players aren't happy now. I see the Grizzlies going on a big losing streak
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User Info: DeadMachineRIP

4 years ago#9
Woj is the man.

User Info: Bandenburg

4 years ago#10
Wow calm down Woj. We haven't even seen what the Grizz will look like now. I think they'll be fine, the analysts are just looking at Gay's ppg average and assumes he's their best player because of it
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  3. Woj: John Hollinger is a joke

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