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How's your bracket looking _/_?

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User Info: Scorsese2002

4 years ago#1
11/16 for yesterday's games. Off to a great start.
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User Info: ScottThang

4 years ago#2
My main bracket is 12/16 on day one. One of my joke brackets is 15/16.
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User Info: Death_By_Smiley

4 years ago#3
I'm 12/14

(just mocking the fact that you seem to think the denominator is a variable)
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User Info: Cynrascal

4 years ago#4
11/16....Harvard did a number by knocking out New Mexico, who I had going to the sweet 16.

User Info: Vodello

4 years ago#5
Top 100 percentile, but that will be crushed today no doubt.

User Info: JudgeDredd12

4 years ago#6
12/16, but I had Pitt going pretty far so that's hurting me.
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User Info: Allanon23

4 years ago#7
12/16 and 13/16
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User Info: sktgamer_13dude

4 years ago#8
11/16 WSU Dream Team 2013

User Info: CrazyGuyWithPho

4 years ago#9
14/16 yesterday.
2/3 so far today.
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User Info: skywalker25

4 years ago#10
Good, if you exclude the West Region where I've literally picked one game correctly.
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