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Can we all just agree that college athletics is f'ing corrupt

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  3. Can we all just agree that college athletics is f'ing corrupt

User Info: dirtyarmenian

4 years ago#1
and calling it "amateur" is a joke (might've been true before the days of gigantic TV contracts and revenues but not anymore) and that the system is the problem and that players should be able to earn money because there isn't anything wrong with earning money based on their skills as an athlete, whether they are amateur or not?
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User Info: TheBiggerWiggle

4 years ago#2
If players can earn money than they should pay for their schooling.
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User Info: rgw

4 years ago#3
Amateurism in college athletics original intent was to prevent full-grown men and semi-pro athletes from entering into competition as a player safety method.

In early college football, a school may have sought out a non-student firefighter or even a semi-pro athlete to help turn the balance in their favor. Many schools argued at the time - in the early 20th century - that these incidents were the cause of a growing savagery in the sport.

Amateurism's intent was not to prevent college athletes from personal benefit of their name but to prevent professionals for "sneaking into a game." For example, it would be like Alabama bringing in a prime-of-his-career NFL LB to break Cam Newton in half during the 2010 Iron Bowl.

User Info: rgw

4 years ago#4
Amateurism, as it is defined by the NCAA today, is really just a method of maintaing the fruitful and affordable academic recruiting tool that football has become for universities. If you allow personal benefit of name, players only go to "platform schools" and many schools never get their 4-hour ad on ESPN ever again. If you create stipends in line with GTAs at most universities, you price the Boise States and others out of this recruiting vehicle.

User Info: Slacking

4 years ago#5
shut up ricky
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User Info: Mono-Rojo

4 years ago#6
Only if u agree that th e sec is the worst of the curropt and every win they have over the last decade or so has no meaning or worth whatsoever due tiotheir habitual cheating.
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User Info: rgw

4 years ago#7
Also, if they gave wages to scholar athletes then schools would have to pay worker's compensation when they are injured.

User Info: mrolympia78

4 years ago#8
blame the NCAA for making it that way. Teams can only get away with cheating if you allow them to cheat.
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User Info: Brett8

4 years ago#9
From a tradition and feasibility standpoint, it won't happen, but the most just resolution would be completely divorcing the NCAA from universities.

User Info: JudgeDredd12

4 years ago#10
USC and OSU get caught cheating- "dirty school, dirty players, knew this was gonna happen"
SEC schools get caught cheating- "everyone does it you can't single any one school out"
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  3. Can we all just agree that college athletics is f'ing corrupt

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