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Brian Kelly interviews for Philadelphia Eagles job

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User Info: LegendaryFrosty

4 years ago#1
Philippians 1:20-21 #1 Notre Dame (12-1) Proud of my boys / Boston Celtics (8-6)

User Info: ClayGuida

4 years ago#2
Another college coach using the NFL to get a huge pay raise at their current college. Nothing new here.

User Info: IWantANewKlug

4 years ago#3
I wouldn't jump the gun on that Clay.

Kelly blatantly used Cincinatti as a stepping stone to ND. It wouldn't surprise me if he used ND to step into the NFL.
Trigga, I AM Christmas!!!

User Info: Motorola

4 years ago#4
And just two days ago

User Info: Scoregasmic

4 years ago#5
I could see Brian Kelly coming to the NFL. His stock will likely never be higher than it is now.
West Virginia Mountaineers - Carolina Panthers - Cincinnati Reds

User Info: FMCT

4 years ago#6
word is he lost the interview 42-14
Dallas Cowmen.
FMCT, helping RAGEAHOLICS kick the habit since 2002.

User Info: Fresh34

4 years ago#7
The guy is obviously a great college coach. Along with Chip Kelly. But why would he want to leave ND right now?

Same thing I thought about Chip Kelly, I'm wary of guys without NFL experience.
Phillies | Flyers | Eagles | Nova Wildcats

User Info: DjangoREX

4 years ago#8
No, I want Lovie

User Info: xIPhillyIx

4 years ago#9
Dear God someone help us....
Philadelphia Eagles
Detroit Tigers

User Info: ShodowKing316

4 years ago#10
Do it Philly. I want to see all these Fighting Irish fans go back to suffering in mediocrity. >_>
Indianapolis Colts: 11-5 Fear the Neard
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