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Incoming Tony Orton pick

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User Info: keatonisballin

4 years ago#131
Wow, prophet. Also lmao at the sticky.
The 2013 Season Has Begun...Go Hawks!

User Info: 77hockey

4 years ago#132
What if TC is Orton?
Fan of: Baltimore Ravens, Vancouver Canucks, and the LA Dodgers

User Info: BlueAllen

4 years ago#133

User Info: NeoRingjester

4 years ago#134
This isn't some god prophet, everyone in the room I was in called that.

User Info: SuperMilk8868

4 years ago#135
Surprised this is still stickied.
St. Louis Rams 6-8

User Info: EgoKiller801

4 years ago#136
Post for sake of posting in epic topic.
Eagles 9-6 * Utes 5-7 * Jazz 8-22
High draft picks buddy!

User Info: nightmare75

4 years ago#137
Cowboys start backup QB; no discernible drop in production noted
North Dakota State University Bison -The DEFENDING BACK TO BACK NCAA Div I Football National Champions \m/

User Info: ShadowRaiden00

4 years ago#138
Chinballz posted...
Very nicely done, but I don't think anyone is gonna top this:
|Det Red Wings|Det Tigers| MSU Spartans| Lions detractor. The NBA is bad

User Info: BanthaFodder

4 years ago#139
nicely done
Boston > you

User Info: Cody32390

4 years ago#140
I have to post in this
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