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Compilation of quotes about the Panthers before the season started

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User Info: zithaz

3 years ago#1
On Greg "Kraken" Hardy setting goal for 50 sacks

the whole team won't even get 50 sacks

And still swept by the Bucs at the end of the day... such a shame...

I bet the defense is going to be REAL GOOD by the time the Panthers are out of playoff contention.

The Panthers led the NFL with 60 sacks, swept the Bucs, and have a higher seed in the playoffs than the 49ers.

User Info: zithaz

3 years ago#2
On Star CTHULUlelei

His heart's gonna stop once he plays the Falcons.

KingTyranitar & ATLLEGEND
Is he going to statpad to win rookie of the year while the panthers have another losing season? Like Kuechly and Newton before him?

For a team that supposedly drafts so much top tier talent, the Panthers really are terrible.

You'd figure a team loaded with such great young players would be good

The Panthers swept the Falcons, the Panthers were 5 games over a losing season, and the Panthers have a higher playoff seeding than the Eagles.

User Info: zithaz

3 years ago#3

Charles Johnson could've been playing for a winner, but he took the money instead.

The Panthers have 8 more wins than the Falcons.

One of THE BEST running games.
FANTASTIC running game.
One of the BEST WRs in the game
One of the better DEs
ZOMG Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis leading the top 5 LB corps

All this and they can't come close to winning their division?

Maybe they're not as good as you think.

The Panthers won their division with these exact components.

More selective praise to hide the fact that Keuchly has had a very disappointing second year. Keuchly hasnt been dominant like people expected him to be. The key to that defense is the elite DL, not the LBs.

Luke Kuechly is the favorite for DPOTY. 160 tackles, 2 sacks, 4 picks, captain of the best defense in the NFL, etc.

Who cares.

Look at this secondary.

Charles Godfrey
Haruki Nakamura
A bunch of other no name scrubs.

Bottom 10 defense confirmed.

The Panthers had the #2 scoring defense in the NFL, not bottom 10.

Yeah. Denver will have a much better DT rotation and Shaun Philips should be able to get 8-10 sacks. Add in rookie Quanterus Smith who has a lot of talent and Denver will once again have a better pass rush than Carolina

The Panthers had 60 sacks and the Broncos had 41. The Panthers averaged more than 1 sack per game than the Broncos.

User Info: Von_Miller

3 years ago#4
keep em coming, zithers

Shamrock || :3
Broncos | Lakers | LA Kings | Dodgers | UCLA Bruins

User Info: Sfandi

3 years ago#5
I've revisited this before but hey

User Info: ThePooootHunter

3 years ago#6
shots fired

joke posters

close your accounts
Times punching Minipoooot: 46
"You Snake fans are as dumb as ever"- GANON1025 lol

User Info: _MorningStar

3 years ago#7
In other news, even when they are winning, Zithers ass is still as chapped as ever.

User Info: Tuxepoc

3 years ago#8
Zithers has been saving up all of his rage for the last 5 years and is now finally unleashing on the NFLB.

User Info: zithaz

3 years ago#9
Panthers on pace to get swept by the entire NFC South.

The Panthers went 5-1 against the NFC South.

Is that a joke? Drayton Florence is still in the league? Forget a bout pass rush when players will be open the minute they get out of their stance.

Reading that secondary out loud nearly made me vomit.

No pass rush despite bad secondary? 60 sacks. 38-0. Etc.

There are two better 4-3 front sevens in the NFC West.

Seahawks are quite clearly more reliant on their secondary and LOL Rams.

Who are your starting safeties? Mike Mitchell and Charles Godfrey? I'm sorry, bro.

Also dumb.

User Info: zithaz

3 years ago#10
1. Robert Griffin III
2. Andrew Luck
3. Cam Newton


Ayo Zithaz.... how do you feel that you kept Ron rivera when you couldve fired him, promoted a better coach in Chud, and had Norv come along and be your OC?


Will Hill Pimp
Panthers are bad at football.

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