I miss the old days.

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User Info: PatPunchhard

4 years ago#361
Remember when EmPlaya killed his cat with the FU.

User Info: FeelingFroggy93

4 years ago#362
Blast from the past. This was a crazy read at two in the morning.
Older father, weary soul, you'll drive,
back to the home you made on the mountainside.

User Info: The Roll

The Roll
4 years ago#363
Good times.

User Info: TheKingOfKool

4 years ago#364
Teh_Game posted...
B0TD posted...
Im kind of glad there wasnt archiving back then. I was an idiot and would want to rip my eyeballs out if I ever read anything.

You giys rememver ResueToaster?

BPP is that you ?

Nah my alt account.

Can we start a list of memorable things from this board and everyone just copy and pastes the list and updates it?

-SUMpTHY trolling The Roll
-AussieFlip's Pokemon adventures story parody with users from this board
-Mush Stomp's wrestling match
-Mush Stomp dropping a PS2 on his nuts after we got his topic to 500 posts
-HarmonicGenerator's daily wrestling facts
-Create your own wrestling move/match topics
-Japrhino banging a whale (bigger girl)
-Japrhino trying anal w/ his girlfriend and using vaseline or soap as lube
-We used to have some tiny chat thing and could choose any username you wanted. We had like 5 different Oozinator accounts and all pretended to be him

User Info: Old_School_Brem

4 years ago#365
Bar Room Brawls
Our invasion of the Final fantasy board
War with the joke accounts
Seasons (which looking back seems a little sad but I do credit them with how good my creative writing skills are today)
NDZ thinking I was a football hooligan

Good times... only regret was giving up the bremner03 account to that fat **** Bernie who then changed its name. Arse.
The Original Bremner

User Info: Utaker1987

4 years ago#366
The Diner
Evan Eugene Sabin
Emplaya creating his own e-board and getting pissed.
The E-feds roleplaying

I'm sure there is so much we are forgetting about.

User Info: Homer_is_God

4 years ago#367
dxking's old school pictures he drew on that one site.
Currently Playing: Minecraft, Ninja Gaiden 2 and Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (360)

User Info: CaptCharisma3

4 years ago#368
- the start of PPV Picks Game by dxking and me (which are still alive after all these years)
- Taclooc giving us his girlfriend's IM name so we could all spam her then he got suspended for doing it
- LoisLane and BigEarl's XVW fed
- chat room wrestling
- DotD ramming his anatomy up Stacy Keibler's backside
- sonic777's hidden number game
*kneels like HBK as pyros go off*
XFace gon give it to ya

User Info: PatPunchhard

4 years ago#369
The TRoll

User Info: Sm0ney

4 years ago#370
APA in Bar Room Brawls

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