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Akatsuki vs Konoha ** maybe spoilers

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User Info: ILikeFatGuys

6 years ago#11
I just re-read the OP and now I understand.
It isn't they attack instead of the Paths, it's that they attack in 2 man cells, and to see which cell survives longest. >_<' I'm dumb haha.
I would think Deidara and Sasori could last pretty long, since not many Konoha nin use raiton, or have any way to reach him in the sky. Only Tsunade and Sakura stand a chance against his Sasori's poison. They'd do pretty well imo.
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User Info: HueyFreman

6 years ago#12
I would say that Deidara and Sasori would do the best if destruction was their goal. However, the fact that they aren't supposed to kill Naruto limits someone like Deidara unless he can quickly find Naruto.

I'm saying Sasori and Orochimaru because they are both built to combat multiple opponents and yet capture Naruto. Orochimaru knows the city (especially the hidden parts) better than anyone else on this list and may still have connections that he can take advantage of. Once they're found out, Sasori can poison a LOT of ninja in the meantime and Tsunade and Sakura would be stuck looking after everyone. Both are good AoE fighters. The notable fighters in the village would have trouble taking out these two quickly.

Regarding Itachi and Kisame, I'd place them second because of Itachi's knowledge but his stamina... unless Samehada can somehow heal Itachi's chakra. Kisamehada would be quite dangerous here and Itachi's Amat could do widespread damage here as well.
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User Info: davidisate

6 years ago#13
None of these teams can take out the village.

Tsunade can quickly create an antidote for Sasori's poison and spread it to all the villagers, making him extremely manageable.

Orochimaru is dominated by Naruto, who has both rasenshuriken and kyuubi forms to kill him.

Deidara is vulnerable to raiton, and there are way too many people in Konoha who can reach a flying opponent. Sai can provide birds to villagers, Chouji/SMNaruto/Tsunade can toss people, Yamato can send trees up/raise the ground up to Deidara, Kakashi has MS, etc. C4 can be shut down by that raiton barrier (used by fodder anbu), and while it's not confirmed, it's extremely likely that it'd be shut down by an Aburame bug swarm and Hyuuga gentle fist moves, as well as Tsunade's med jutsus. It's only uncounterable if you write off all of the counters for no reason.

Kakuzu and Hidan have great stamina, but a team of Nara and Kakashi+Naruto should make short work of them.

Kisame and Itachi are the most formidable team, but they aren't likely to win either. Not with the entire village at their throat. Kisame is a great counter to Naruto, but Gai can beat him singlehandedly. I don't see Itachi living through a Sage Naruto + Kakashi tag team. Susanoo doesn't stop kamui or frog song (which Ma and Pa can use while Naruto runs around), and rasenshuriken/afternoon tiger/katsuyu's acid should all be able to break its defense if they're landed from behind.

User Info: Sharinnegan

6 years ago#14
Itachi and Kisame didn't went unnoticed on their first time on the village, and we have to consider that at that time, Konoha was weakened.

yeah, but Itachi wanted to be found

the only reason he was there to begin with was to cause a ruckus so danzo and the elders would hear about him.

they were going through completely unnoticed until they made the ilogicaly bad decision (which i now atribute to Itachi wanting konoha to find out about him) of casually sitting in a cafe with their full akatsuki getup.

User Info: furygods

6 years ago#15
Now that I remember, Itachi must have some real balls to sit in a cafe with his akatsuki get up ^^
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User Info: SSMG77

6 years ago#16

From: davidisate | #013
Kisame is a great counter to Naruto, but Gai can beat him singlehandedly.

Team Gai is not in the village.
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User Info: dourshi

6 years ago#17
TC is asking which two man cell if any could beat konoha or more specifically last the longest...

and to that extent I say none of the teams could beat konoha and accomplish their mission and probably itachi and kisame last the longest due to tsunade and the med nins probably stopping sasori's poison from doing too much damage, and because oro doesnt spam ET
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