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Juubi Ino vs the rest of Konoha girls.

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User Info: summerclaw

4 years ago#1
Ino faces against Hinata, Tsunade, Sakurai, TenTen etc...

Rules: They fight one on one.
The Juubi is summoned on the background and watches the battle.
If the fight gets tough Ino can take control of anyone in holy trinity for 2 seconds.

In these seconds she can make Madera, Obito or Juubi do any attack she desires against her foe.

She can only do this once.

Who brings Ino down?
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User Info: CirOnn

4 years ago#2
No one. It's already hard enough for most of them against Ino alone...

User Info: Atheck

4 years ago#3
Jubi Ino? Seriously, it was just a regular Shintenshin but at long range. She seems to have increased the distance over which which she's able to use the technique but that's all.

On-topic: Tobi can't do anything in the span of just two seconds. Madara? Probably not since alot of his jutsu require handseals and I doubt Ino knows how to use his techniques. The Jubi is a bit different though if it's being controlled by Tobi or Madara. She might be able to command it to use a weak Bijudama in those 2 seconds but she'd have to move fast.
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User Info: SSMG420

4 years ago#4
Without hinata she can't use the tech from.a distance. she is the same as regular ino.
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  3. Juubi Ino vs the rest of Konoha girls.

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