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Naruto 640 vs Bleach 546 vs One Piece 716 (Spoilers)

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User Info: FeiBenares

4 years ago#11
Bleach > Naruto > One Piece

One Piece, it had more cheese battle royal.
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User Info: xhominid

4 years ago#12
rasenganfreakup posted...
Bleach stomps with Ghost Feudal Japan turning into Ice Berlin.

While I'm seeing the One Piece chapters, I don't feel voting on them counts now.

And Naruto...didn't have anything really happen as much as people say. Jinchikurri Obito using Nature Manipulation using Bijuu Damas makes no real sense since they are made of unstable chakra as a whole...the Hokages being fodder to show off abilities is nothing new and Tobirama's usage of Edo Tensei...was braindead obvious from the start. The rest of the chapter didn't sit well because it just felt like the typical Naruto chapter the War has made it become.

Bleach did have obvious switches of metaphor, but was still effective(The Schatten Brien LITERALLY being the Shadow(or Invisible Empire) to the Seireitei, Ichigo may become so powerful, he can't go home but his friends can still visit him but in a way, Ichigo really can't go back home and it is goodbye). Juhabach being the obvious savvy guy attacks again while the Soul Society was training for their return and in enemy territory by force and the final climax taking place within 9 days is a very good way to state the climax is here and he can keep it going for 2.5-3 years easily. It can easily lead to another year if Kubo decided to make the victory the VR's and have them takeover the Soul Society and the Gotei 13 take it back.
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User Info: StarWolfMcCloud

4 years ago#13
Of course nobody makes a poll version the week I mess up the title. >_>
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User Info: MajesticFerret

4 years ago#14
OP fans are far too easily impressed...

Mr. "Continent splitter" did so by hype and it was stated to be an ice continent in a series where virtually no island has been even ball park continent size. Dude probably split a big ice berg.

The meteor dude is neat, but it's still scrubby compared to what Madara showed anyway you look at it and Juubito is god moding so hard right now Madara's meteor spam wouldn't do anything to him.

Dude casually tore apart a barrier that if people remember correctly, the Juubi fired its city busting bijuu bomb into from point blank and didn't even so much as scratch or phase...and this guy tore through it like tissue paper... The dude is pretty much H2 Ichigo levels of brute strength. Definately not as fast, but the power/durability feats seem to be pretty damn close.

It'll honestly probably take a sealing tech. or for Obito to lose control and job to put him down. I don't see any attack in the Narutoverse really hurting him.

Luffy is pretty much fighting fodder right now. Vibration attacks? Cool beans, Rob Lucci had that like 300 chapters ago. Sending a giant flying? Cool beans, Luffy did that in base to monsters his size hundreds of chapters ago. If anything, size seems to just make you a big giant jobbing machine in most Shonen *coughJuubi/everythingbiginOP/Menos/Komamura'sBankaiCough* so beating up big things ceased to impress me long ago.

Don't get me wrong, OP was still better than Bleach because Kubo wasted half a chapter on something that has a .0000001% probability of happening (even though it will probably happen and Ichigo will have to lose his powers to see his friends again).

Naruto >> OP >> Bleach for me this week. Naruto was very good, OP was solid, and Bleach was 50% useless garbage that's not relevant until probably 3 years from now and the part with Bach was neat but brief.
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User Info: slmcknett

4 years ago#15
StarWolfMcCloud posted...
Of course nobody makes a poll version the week I mess up the title. >_>

I was going to, but I was in a bad mood today.
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User Info: Jaded_Memory

4 years ago#16
The fact that they have the word continent proves there are things larger than the places labelled "island". It very heavily suggests that the continent he split in half was larger than the "island" of Alabaster, which was enormous. Just because all we've seen from OP is islands doesn't mean something they go out of their way to label a continent would automatically be a small iceburg. -.-
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