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How does Nevermore work?

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User Info: King_of_Goats

4 years ago#1
If I use Alchemists' Refuge and play Nevermore, does it cancel the card that is being used, or only future copies of that card? Or, if I use it on a card already on the field is that card destroyed?

User Info: SaucemanX

4 years ago#2
It stops future copies of the card. If you do it in response, the card has already been cast and is on the stack when Nevermore ETB's.
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User Info: King_of_Goats

4 years ago#3
I've never really understood the whole stack concept. Care to explain?

User Info: Latronis

4 years ago#4
The stack is where spells and abilities go after being cast to wait to resolve (do whatever they do)

Its what lets thing like counter spells work.

Basically cast spell put on stack do a pass of priorities stack start resolving last in first out order
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User Info: IceMage20

4 years ago#5
The best way to understand the stack is to actually "stack" cards as you cast them.


I cast a creature spell. It goes down on the table.

In response, my opponent casts Essence Scatter, placing it on top of my creature.

In response, I cast Dissipate, placing it on top of Essence Scatter.

In response, he casts Dispel, placing it on top of Dissipate.

Both of us pass priority (i.e. neither of us make any further responses). Once this happen, the cards on the stack resolve from top to bottom. Dispel goes off, countering Dissipate. Since Dissipate has now been countered, Essence Scatter goes off. Since Essence Scatter went off, my creature is now countered and goes to the graveyard.

In short: The stack is the chain of spells responding to other spells, and the spells resolve in a "first on, last off" order.
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User Info: Natedogg316

4 years ago#6
Nevermore does nothing to a spell on the stack or anything on the battlefield. It just prevents players from casting spell later on that share a name with the card you name.

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