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Making a new PC. z87 or x79?

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User Info: CaptionBongo

4 years ago#1
Hey everyone
I'm new to this whole forum thing but I need to help and thought this would be a good place to ask for help. I'm looking to make a new pc that can handle everything a typical YouTuber has to throw at it. Seeing as I do gaming videos this means that its going to have to run high end games, run a screen recorder such as FRAPS, run as face cam, and maybe even render some videos all at once. I already know that i'm going for a I7 cpu however I can't make up my mind between x79 (ivy bridge) or z87 (haswell) motherboards. I want to make sure that I pick the right one so that when it comes time to up grade again I will only have to worry about my GPU and maybe my CPU. Also should I got with ASUS or EVGA? I hope you can help me out it would mean a lot!
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User Info: Superemppu

4 years ago#2
In my opinion the X79 stuff just isn't worth the price, a 4770K will work just fine, especially once overclocked. Do you mean asus vs evga in regards of gpu? The directCU stuff that asus makes are usually one of the better coolers on a card.
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User Info: MC RaZaR

4 years ago#3
X79 ends with Ivy Bridge-E, which isn't as great as it should be.

With Z87, you can still potentially upgrade to the Haswell Refresh or maybe even Broadwell.

I say go with Z87.
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