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Your Top 10 XBLA Games

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User Info: TPerryoo7

4 years ago#11
People must be forgetting about Trials!

User Info: Yi Long

Yi Long
4 years ago#12
- ilomilo
- Super Meat Boy
- Trials HD
- Trials Evo
- Battlefield 1943
- Mark of the Ninja
- Defense Grid
- Monkey Island 2

There are a bunch more I like, but I've hardly played those yet. backlog and such.

User Info: Yorkshire_14

4 years ago#13
Sonic Adventure
Sonic Adventure 2
Crazy Taxi
Space Channel 5 Part 2
Costume Quest
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
The Secret of Monkey Island SE
The Walking Dead
Ms. Splosion Man
Rock Band Blitz
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User Info: Yi Long

Yi Long
4 years ago#14
Yorkshire_14 posted...

Crazy Taxi

I love Crazy Taxi as much as the next guy, but the XBLA/PSN version was terrible. Sadly.

User Info: Yorkshire_14

4 years ago#15
Yi Long posted...
Yorkshire_14 posted...

Crazy Taxi

I love Crazy Taxi as much as the next guy, but the XBLA/PSN version was terrible. Sadly.

I have only played the XBLA version and I think it's great.
Currently Playing: Dead Rising 2, Defense Grid, Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer & Sonic Adventure 2.

User Info: the36thchamber

4 years ago#16
renegade ops
the dishwasher vampire smile
sine mora
virtua fighter 5 final showdown
pool nation
geometry wars 2
small arms
poker smash
god mode
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User Info: Marsillio

4 years ago#17
1. The Walking Dead
2. Shadow Complex
3. Comic Jumper
4. Limbo
5. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
6. Blade Kitten
7. Hydrophobia

This isn't a top ten list so much as a list of XBLA games I've purchased. >_>
Capcom won't see another damn cent from me until Mega Man Legends 3 is released.

User Info: Apl_J

4 years ago#18
-Castlevania HD
-BattleBlock Theatre
-The Walking Dead
-Mark of the Ninja
-Banjo Tooie
-State of Decay
-Shadow Complex
-Phantom Breaker: BattleGrounds

Future awaited Arcade titles:
-Super Time Force
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User Info: vashdasta

4 years ago#19
Retro City Rampage
Renegade OPS
Pacman Championship Edition DX
Castlevania HoD
Alan Wake's American Nightmare
hydro Thunder Hurricane
i am alive
Puzzle Arcade (love jigsaw puzzles, i dont know why)
Wolfenstein 3d
magic 2014

Favorite Indie games
Weapon of choice
Cursed Loot
Miner Dig Deep
Score Rush

User Info: BearFan34

4 years ago#20

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