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400 points

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User Info: Greatjon_Umber

3 years ago#1
So I have 400 points left over and the cheapest games appear to be 500 points. Is there anything I can do? Are there ever sales?
Reds/Bengals <3

User Info: MawiocUdwoc

3 years ago#2
Are there any games in particular you really want? You could save and get 1000 more points eventually, giving you 1400, which is enough for a game of 600 (some TurboGrafx, some WiiWare, some Genesis) and another of 800 (most SNES and Genesis games, some WiiWare).

Or maybe a game of 500 (most NES and Master System games) and another of 900 (most NeoGeo games).
My collection of games:
Maybe you've seen me online? I go by "Mawioc Udwoc" or just "Mawioc".

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