How many people could you fight off in a fight?

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User Info: 8KBHsoJ2Y7

5 years ago#1
And please be realistic, no Internet tough guy acts please. And feel free to give history to any kind of training you might have received.

Me personally? I have never been trained(though I do watch a little WWE and football on occasion) or had any real fights barring a couple school yard or drunken scrapping. I think on a regular day, I could fight off 4 or 5 guys, on a good day? 6 maybe 7. On a day? Probably 3 at worst.

What about you guys? Got any stories maybe?
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User Info: Ricky Tony Leone

Ricky Tony Leone
5 years ago#2
None; because I don't fight (outside of the dojo).
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User Info: Cloud25

5 years ago#3
With my fists? I'd say I can knock a couple children over.

User Info: slasherzeta

5 years ago#4
...On your worst day you could fight off 3 people, with absolutely no trianing?
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User Info: Perfectinsanity

5 years ago#5
Lets leave this junk on the Martial Arts board...

With that said, if you truly have no training at all, you're not fighting off 3 guys, period. Even with training I don't think most people would stand a chance with those odds.
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User Info: snake_5036

5 years ago#6
one guy
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User Info: matthew7785

5 years ago#7
How many people are in the North Korean army? That many.

User Info: Tad_Dainty

5 years ago#8

I grew up in Metro City so i usually knocked out 30 to 50 guys every day on the way to school. i know this 360 spin kick that can take down 4 or 5 dudes but i always hurt myself a little when I do it, so i usually just throw them into each other
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User Info: The_BK

5 years ago#9
2 at most
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User Info: ManwiththePlann

5 years ago#10
I have beaten off four dudes before in one place.
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  3. How many people could you fight off in a fight?

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