Adventure Time with Junpei and Yukari. (Adventure Time #34)

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User Info: DiabIo

3 years ago#1
Welcome to Adventure Time with Junpei and Yukari. Now, you may be wondering, “What exactly are these topics about? They seem to get a lot of posts for a SB topic.” Adventure Time is a bit hard to explain, but simply put, Adventure Time is a series of topics on the Pokémon Black and White Social Board. Adventure Time is often shortened to just AT or /at/. As our Lord Master NebulaBlue says, “this is a thread where gamefaqs champions come to discuss miscellaneous stuff, post opinions and then systematically **** on each other's said opinions

kind of like a news commentary or something”

The King of Games, Si, also says something to that effect, albeit simpler: “It's a few bros hanging out and being social. Basically, a younger version of The Shinies.”
Now that you have an idea of what Adventure Time is about, you should meet the most prominent members, by reading about them, and seeing them.
First, the main 5 of /at/*, known as the day 1 vets: (yeah I haven’t made the new pics yet go away)
And next, the prominent non-sages: (read above)

Next on the agenda are small little biographies about the core members of the Adventure Time crew. I would suggest giving these a listen if you're a newcomer to AT; you should know who you'd be associating with, yeah? I have recorded these biographies in vocaroo, so you can even learn about the crew while doing something else. Isn't that gloriously convenient?

The Diab:
The Neb:
The Brawl:
The Si:
The Chip:
The Zelda:
The Cheese:

Bonus mini-bios for prominent non-sages:
Le Blaze:
The Dosk: i can't think of an applicable joke atm
SilentWanderer: (placeholder because my policy of only changing the intro on every 5th thread title will not change unless it's a major thing. Read: I'm lazy.)

Now that you have read about AT, and its members, it is alright to post, given you meet the criteria to be part of the crew. I cannot speak of this criteria; merely post introducing yourself, and posting things you like. The higher ups in the AT crew will evaluate your tastes, and decide whether or not you would fit in. This is not to denote superiority; the crew has had mishaps with those who did not fit in and posted anyway; we'd like to avoid that.

A List of past AT threads can be found here:
Now that the fancy **** is out of the way, let's start this **** up, ladies and gentlemen.
Call me Dimentio or Diab(lo).
Winner of the first Pokemon Black and White Social Board user tournament.

User Info: colourmecrazy

3 years ago#2
about f***ing time
blaze | Heaven, have you been keeping secrets from me? Hoped I wouldn't find out, and you'd just go free?

User Info: Senran

3 years ago#3

it's the hero's duty to provide the dump

User Info: colourmecrazy

3 years ago#4
I'll contribute

Bonus: [Probably one of the best P3 pictures I've seen] [I really like this one]

Super bonus:
Now this will be a beautiful death. I’m jumping out the window, I’m letting everything go.

User Info: Purugly

3 years ago#5
my guy blaze
this guy gets it

From: colormecrazy | #004 [Probably one of the best P3 pictures I've seen]

>tfw you will never attain the resolution in your heart necessary to awaken your ultimate persona


User Info: Mistress_Zelda_

3 years ago#6
Yaaay new topic!

Ooo and word of advice don't go months without checking your SwapNote. o.O I had hundreds. D:
He's a tramp, he's a scoundrel, he's a rounder, he's a cad,
He's a tramp, but I love him. Yes even I have got it pretty bad.

User Info: lightning_deity

3 years ago#7
Mistress_Zelda_ posted...
Yaaay new topic!

Ooo and word of advice don't go months without checking your SwapNote. o.O I had hundreds. D:

Too late, I have had that unfortunate event happen to me

User Info: SilentWanderer

3 years ago#8
Grade A pic dump, guys.

User Info: Magic_warlock90

3 years ago#9
Popped in to chime in on that classy dump!
I don't know if we're talking about food or sex at this point, but I couldn't really care less.

User Info: brawl__08

3 years ago#10
i wish all of you harm

also Kirby 2013
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