Adventure Time with Junpei and Yukari. (Adventure Time #34)

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User Info: brawl__08

3 years ago#411
NebulaBlue posted...
In my defense, the pictures I used for the Froakie line were as close as my folder could get to moderation. The first two were "not my cup of tea", and Greninja was meant to be "not too bad".

It's mostly one extreme or the other in my reaction folder. There's not a lot of middleman pictures.

Yeah, I could see that. I had some trouble finding pics like those in my folder.

Not quite sure if it's due to having barely any of those types of pics or due to having too many other reaction images to work with.

good thing we have the good ol' kanto starters as a way out

this time

They probably did this intentionally because they knew they were pumping out trash. I wonder if they figured that people would eat that trash up or not though.

CaptainGinyu posted...
I literally just found out how to get free pokeballs from Oak in red and blue versions.
Amazing how you can still find something new in twenty year old games you've played dozens of times.

Huh, didn't know about that.


FIFA 14 Legacy Edition on Nintendo 3DS delivers unmatched authenticity that reflects the current football season with updated kits and rosters but no updates to gameplay or game modes.


Man, the hatred between Nintendo and EA is hilarious.

User Info: SilentWanderer

3 years ago#412
Purugly posted...
To me, the thing most responsible for ruining Delphox is that ridiculous gown. It's an absolute eyesore. The massive fur shooting out of its ears bothers me too (the fur grew when Fennekin evolved to Braixen, but it's just too much with Delphox). The thing generally feels like the anti-Braixen, which is an enormous letdown because my hype-meter soared when I first saw Braixen.
A few small changes and Delphox could have been the best **** ever.

All right, thanks for responding. Still, I don't mind the gown. It brings to mind those miko priest woman people from ancient Japan.

Wouldn't have liked it if they slapped Fennekin's face on Delphox, though.

brawl__08 posted...
Basically this, but I'll add on and say that the ingame model from what I've seen just makes its face look ridiculous. The head is too small, and the overgrown hair makes it look like Arnold from Hey Arnold.

NebulaBlue posted...
Oh yeah, the face bugs me too. Maybe it's because the in-game pictures we've seen don't do it justice, but it looks... off. I wanted to mention the face in my last post, but I couldn't word my distaste properly.

I'll give you that. Probably the most jarring thing is that face. Looks like a 10 year old drew it. Granted, it's just an ingame model and the official art will probably look better, but man did they mess up on the face.

SilentWanderer posted...
I'm just glad they kept it bipedal and a quadriped, like they did with the Oshawott line.

D'oh, just caught this. Should say "not a quadriped....."

User Info: Senran

3 years ago#413
already said it in the people's chat and in the swapnotes, but happy mother-****ing birthday to my son the cheese

SilentWanderer posted...
Wouldn't have liked it if they slapped Fennekin's face on Delphox, though.

but fennekin's lolified fox face is great, man ;_; all they'd have to do is make it a little... bigger... or something, idk

User Info: DiabIo

3 years ago#414
Just said this in the chat, but I figured I'd mention it here. I'm gonna try and get to the point and not beat around the bush here.

This time of year is a very trying part of the year for me, and it has been since 2011. For those of you that remember/that I've told, October 6th is the day the man I consider my father died. I've never liked the month of October anyway, but that fact kinda kills it for me, no pun intended. It does **** to me that I can normally handle, but this time of year, it kinda gets a bit overwhelming. I'm likely going to be away from here and the chat or the next couple of days. I was originally gonna be out just tomorrow, but I think I may need to just stay off the net, and try to keep myself together. This may or may not mean a lot to a lot of you since I'm not the most active poster here sometimes, but I just figured I'd give y'all a heads up. This doesn't mean you guys can't hit me up, though; if you've got my contact info (i'm pretty sure like 90% of you do), you can still hit me up and I'll try to respond. PM me, skype me, w/e. I'll probably need the support. I just don't really want to look at the Net in its entirety, nahmean?

This was a bit longer than I had intended already, I'll cut it here, but not before wishing my dude Ryan a happy birthday again. I dunno if you'll see this, but have an awesome day, homie.
Call me Dimentio or Diab(lo).
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User Info: chipoltle

3 years ago#415
Ill hit you up with some good feels. I promise.
(Big-O): Have you ever gone faster than fast?

User Info: colourmecrazy

3 years ago#416
mi waifu
I wish somebody made guidelines, on how to get up off the sidelines

User Info: brawl__08

3 years ago#417
Pokemon from gen 6 ranking time.

Don't look if you don't want to be spoiled on everything thus far.

My ranking:

User Info: colourmecrazy

3 years ago#418
A... A star


am i dreaming
I wish somebody made guidelines, on how to get up off the sidelines

User Info: Jubilation_Lee

3 years ago#419
Pokemon ratings/Spoilers
I am the one and only
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User Info: colourmecrazy

3 years ago#420

(mad spoilers)

Looks like Thanatos:
I wish somebody made guidelines, on how to get up off the sidelines
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