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Dupe, Duplicate, Duping

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User Info: thesauce1234

4 years ago#1
No stealing
No running through flowers (hybrid and non hybrid)
Ask if you want fruit off the trees
Ask if you want flowers (hybrid and non hybrid)

I just want to catalog the items you are duplicating.
If you are duplicating money I don't charge, but a tip wouldn't be turned down.
If I can get a copy of what you are duplicating that would make me happy. I might even give you something in return. (I probably will)
FC: 4339-2567-8412

User Info: Boreno

4 years ago#2
I'm looking to duplicate my bells. I only just started my town, meaning I don't have a lot of money, so I would start off with like 250k, but am hoping to dupe up to couple million. I'm not too keen on when to switch of wifi either, so would rather someone that knows already how to be able to host and do the glitch. Hopefully you can help me

User Info: BioBunnie

4 years ago#3
I would love to come over and dupe some crowns, bells, and some items. :D
FC: 0146-9044-1377 ACNL: Alice from NeonGlow
I am looking for all fruits ( regular & perfect ones too) & White Roses

User Info: gaubonganvung

4 years ago#4
do you have full set of other region dlc and holiday?

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