Favorite Game of Thrones Character

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User Info: AeroAegisX

4 years ago#1
Topic. Jon Snow is mine. I'm only on the first book (so no spoilers! ;) ) but he seems like a character to watch out for.
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User Info: Abyssmal Fiend

Abyssmal Fiend
4 years ago#2
Barristan Selmy or Jaime Lannister. Not quite sure.
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User Info: Psycho_Poodle

4 years ago#3
There are no men like him. Theres only him.

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User Info: Masho

4 years ago#4

Jon, Littlefinger, Dany probably comprise 2-4 in some order, depending on my mood.
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User Info: HHH is the game

HHH is the game
4 years ago#5
Littlefinger or Jaime or Tyrion or Arya
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User Info: thasan20

4 years ago#6
Tyrion, followed by Littlefinger, Bron, and Sandor.
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User Info: Brett8

4 years ago#7
Petyr Baelish. Tyrion's great, too, but such a boring answer.

User Info: scar the 1

scar the 1
4 years ago#8
Littlefinger and Varys are great.
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User Info: SRR Capdown

SRR Capdown
4 years ago#9
Arya or Jon.
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User Info: Wedgewes

4 years ago#10
Overall Dolorous Edd, but of the main characters Arya
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