when you auto battle TT, which difficulty do you do?

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  3. when you auto battle TT, which difficulty do you do?

User Info: Snow-Dust

1 month ago#1
I used to can only do the top hard but now with Bike and Sigurd (both have Aether), I can do bottom lunatic.
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User Info: Crusher063

1 month ago#2
I do Lunatic 5, usually with BLucina, BIke, Joshua and Lachesis.

User Info: 0neW1ngedAngel

1 month ago#3
First Lunatic map with 5 battles, I get through 4 maps with my first team, second team beats last map.

Otherwise, if I'm trying to lvl up and get SP then I do the second Hard map.
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User Info: HereToHelp

1 month ago#4
Lunatic 5, especially if I'm not running a team that works well together. Although this TT was definitely harder than most TTs, in general.
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User Info: lildragon0

1 month ago#5
Last TT with Black Knight, I did lvl 35. This time I do lvl 30.
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User Info: Primum_Mobile

1 month ago#6
Lunatic 5, but I have to use multiple team.
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User Info: CherryTsundere

1 month ago#7
The highest one with 4 maps.

User Info: mistermikeymike

1 month ago#8
hard 5 because i like one shotting and not having to look at my phone as much.

lunatic 5 i've run occasionally but only on the bonus runs or if i'm running like 3 bonus units
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User Info: Nosydew

1 month ago#9
I can do lunatic 7 but I cant always gaurntee my team will make it to the end.

Lunatic 5 if I want to be safe cause I know my team can handle it with little to no deaths.
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User Info: WarmingBlasters

1 month ago#10
Lunatic 5. 50/50 chance I get through intact, or usually just needing to toss out a sword or two in the end to take down the usual survivor BIke.
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