Sigurd wants to remind you something

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User Info: Kyara

1 month ago#21
Wtfh did I just see...

User Info: Mimichan

1 month ago#22
MidMorningSol posted...
Westy101 posted...
Zinie95 posted...
Is that your art...?

i wish, but i do have the uncensored one!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS....Westy I'mma need you to slide in the DMs and provide me with the uncensored version...for educational purposes of course.

User Info: Kimbos_Egg

1 month ago#23
Westy101 posted...
Kimbos_Egg posted...
that hes a cuckold?

Abadahah wah wha?

You think you've Got problems?

User Info: IndianaJones65

1 month ago#24
Graywolf_d_45th posted...


User Info: Lief4Heroes

1 month ago#25
I-i'm not sure what I just saw, and I'm not sure I want to....
Anyone got the eye bleach?
Think Leif will be in Heroes any time this year?

User Info: Westy101

1 month ago#26
Yo guys. Keep it together.
Magical Westy, to the rescue~ Goal, desu, is to be blocked by all users on GameFAQ, desu. No one will ever, desu. Not block me, desu.

User Info: makenasjames

1 month ago#27
That tharja sucks and doesn't deserve to win! We need a revolution!

User Info: Kecleon7

1 month ago#28
Wawoawoawoa no more of that please and thank you
FC: 4141-2057-6093
"Summoning? Forcing poor souls to fight? Ghastly! ...But also quite whimsical, so count me in!" - Azama
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