Trouble using comixology.....

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User Info: lightsout1

5 years ago#1
I searched their website for answers but couldn't find anything. So I figured I'd ask here.

Anyway, it's not allowing me to read their comics online. I can on my phone just fine, just not through internet explorer.

It'll open up the reader in which I can actually cycle through all the pages, but the pages won't actually load. They are just blank with the comixology logo in the middle and an empty bar right below that. I don't know if it's maybe my connection or update my flash player or what. Again, I can cycle through the pages just fine, but the actual comic never loads.

Anybody have any idea on what's going on?
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User Info: Scripts

5 years ago#2
try updating flash?

User Info: Johnny Blaque

Johnny Blaque
5 years ago#3
Close and reopen your browser. If that doesn't work restart your computer. I used to have the same problem and emailed them about it. This is what they told me to do and it worked every time. I'm looking at comics just fine on my PC now so it's not a site wide problem.

User Info: Tromeritus

5 years ago#4
If trouble persists, just click "Contact" to file a bug report. For future reference, their customer service is very polite and respond lightning-fast.
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  3. Trouble using comixology.....

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