who you want wonder woman to be plauyed by in movies?

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  3. who you want wonder woman to be plauyed by in movies?

User Info: Inside_That_Lad

5 years ago#1
i want woman with really big boobs and a tight butt, maybe get a porn star or wrestler to playe her. acting doesn't matter, doens't matter if breasts qare super fake. i'm a quantity over qualityh guys, size is what get mes hot bnot tjiggle,realimsm factgor. giant boobs, tight butt high heel and poatriotic panties with camel toe to accentuate the realism and hotness, make her her fight cheetara.it'd be real hot if she's a little bruised,, bloodied and sweaty at thje end.

User Info: brunbbmerc

5 years ago#2
you are a wacky fellow
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User Info: Inside_That_Lad

5 years ago#3
coco should play wonder woman

i giuvew you wonder woman

User Info: YermomHoudini

5 years ago#4
pretty sure that's powergirl you are describing.
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User Info: Robot_Soopa

5 years ago#5
Kelly Kelly from WWE.

User Info: Agito

5 years ago#6
No, no, no. Gods, no.
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User Info: Dean_Moxley

5 years ago#7
Robot_Soopa posted...
Kelly Kelly from WWE.

I didn't laugh.
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User Info: BillyKidd

5 years ago#8
Alexandra Daddario
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User Info: happy cricket

happy cricket
5 years ago#9
Jennifer Lawrence.

hey hey hey

User Info: scooter2929

5 years ago#10
This is pointless without pics?
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