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User Info: TheRealKal-El

4 years ago#11
90% of the time I'm being hyperbolic, so delete that carefully researched dissertation you were about to post.
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User Info: theRedDeath

4 years ago#12
I thought the hyphen was added to avoid confusion/lawsuit between Spider-Man and the Captain Marvel villain Spider Man.
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User Info: rumble_belly

4 years ago#13
TheRealKal-El posted...
Stan based Spider-Man on Superman. He wanted to have that character but make it relatable to teenage situations and not in the corny way Superboy did it (This is why Peter also works at a newspaper and wears red and blue). But he didn't want people to confuse "Spiderman" with "Superman" since they look like the the same at a glance and obviously Superman was more popular, so he added a hyphen to differentiate it and thus "Spider-Man" was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

Stan couldn't keep it straight himself. In one of the earliest Doc Ock stories, Doc Ock inadvertently calls Spider-Man Superman instead.

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