How many weapons are you still chasing?

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User Info: biledriver

1 month ago#41
Just Sweet Business
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User Info: AsimLeonheart

1 month ago#42
Still looking for Hard Light and Sweet Business. Keep getting armor pieces mostly and duplicate weapons like Skyburner and Graviton Lance.
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User Info: spikes_dimak

1 month ago#43
Would like the raid hand cannon. I have several ars, scouts, swords, rockets, smg from the raid. Really want the hc.

User Info: Cubis101

1 month ago#44
My list is:

Hard Light
The Prosecutor
Last Dance
Curtain Call
Sins of the Past
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User Info: cess

1 month ago#45

User Info: XerusSqually

1 month ago#46
SterlingFox posted...
I guess Hard Light?

Idk, I don't really care about the loot in this game.

Same, still haven't found one over 3 characters and 30-40 exotic engrams, maybe more. I have never seen darci either, but haven't heard anything good about it.
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User Info: johnny_pay

1 month ago#47
just 2, hard light and and the tractor cannon.

User Info: ApexMjolnir

1 month ago#48
I have no idea... because there is still no armory.
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User Info: Cinerary

1 month ago#49
Basically any legendary or exotic I don't have yet. Mainly the Trials sniper though, as that's the only one I'm missing.
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User Info: creativeme

1 month ago#50
maybe some raid weapons if i'm missing some
all the trials weapons still
rest of the IB weapons. i only got like 2 of them so far.

i already have every exotic weapon. i know i'm still missing some other vendor drops but don't know of any i really care to get.
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