So what are the top five fighting game states?

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User Info: Jump_Man7

5 years ago#1
As in which states have the best fighting community and players? I'd guess California, New York, Arizona and Texas would be up there right?
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User Info: EvilMaleKikyo69

5 years ago#2
New York and Texas suck.

Tokyo town is the best.
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User Info: Inkontrol

5 years ago#3
California, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Texas would be my guess. Maybe Florida in their somewhere. - my media twitter (movies, tv shows, music, gaming)

User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
5 years ago#4
From: Inkontrol | #003
Maybe Florida in their somewhere.

Aw...nice to know you care.

But we do so-so.
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User Info: J Koch

J Koch
5 years ago#5
Michigan, obviously.
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User Info: BlazingSpeed

5 years ago#6
From: Inkontrol | #003
California, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Texas would be my guess. Maybe Florida in their somewhere.

What's in New Jersey? I haven't been there in about a decade so I wouldn't know.

User Info: EvilSakurai

5 years ago#7
1. California, Depending where. If you're in the bay area, or so-cal, it's #1. Anywhere else, it's in the bottom 10.
2. New York. And only if you can get to NYC.
3. New Jersey. See New York.
4. Texas, if you're near the few hubs. If you're in the rest of Texas, you might be in the worst place for fighters outside of Alaska.
5. Florida. They seem to have active communities in both Orlando and Miami... Outside of that, not so much.

Runners up:
Washington. You have a big scene in Seattle, and are near enough to norther Oregon that the Portland scene can go to majors.

Maryland. I've heard that the Maryland/Delaware/Virginia area is very active.

Nevada. And by that, I mean Las Vagas, because the rest of Nevada isn't very active. In fact, only real reason it's on here is because of EVO, so you get the best in the world on your doorstep once a year.
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User Info: bIuerain

5 years ago#8
J Koch posted...
Michigan, obviously.

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User Info: skyrax

5 years ago#9
*looks at topic title*

Standing, crouching, super armor, throw and parry. People would think blocking would count as a top 5 but parry state gives frame advantage. You always want frame advantage. Jumping completely depends on what your defensive options are. You'd hardly find a game where you can block jumping but not standing.

*reads first post*

Lagos, probably, but hell, everyone lives in Lagos so it's inevitable.
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User Info: gamezero6

5 years ago#10
California - West Coast
New York - East Coast
Texas - South/Mid-West
Virginia - North - I hear VA coming up in the scene

The rest...
Florida - Yup, yup from O-town down to M-I-Yayo. I rep 954 Grand Prix, Swap Shop and the old Las Olas.
Washington/Oregon - Nice size community.
Georgia - I think GA scene might be bigger than FL?
New Jersey - New Yorks little sibling state has to have a scene... right?

What about these States?
Nevada/Las Vegas
Utah - I live hear now so I'm curious
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