What exactly did Marn do with regard to Guilty Gear brackets?

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  3. What exactly did Marn do with regard to Guilty Gear brackets?

User Info: truly_FLCL

4 years ago#1
It happened at a tournament from what I've heard, but I've only heard it in reference (never the full story).


User Info: J Koch

J Koch
4 years ago#2
I've read the full explanation easily a dozen times, only to promptly forget it each time because I don't care.
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User Info: Master Kazuya

Master Kazuya
4 years ago#3
From what I know, apparently he was in charge of running the Guilty Gear finals, ended up rigging the brackets so he'd get ahead and face people he wanted to, and showed up late to run it.
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User Info: bIuerain

4 years ago#4
I remember people on this board at the time, in like 07 or 08 or something, went to SB that year and came back talking about how the major went. The 8-some people that had something to say about it were like, "yea it was pretty good but what the **** was up with that GGXX tournament? I paid Marn and never got to play! Had to get my money back." And some other people explained something like "We actually found Marn out with the parking lot with everyone's money and brought him back in before he left." I might be remembering the details wrong, but the gist was that Marn came very close to scamming everyone, and as much as was unintentional.

Man, imagine that. People who went to fighting game majors actually used to post on this board. They'd go to them, and then talk about them right here. In fact, they'd even talk about fighting games. I made a topic here asking how to play Makoto in 3S, and got 100+ replies discussing combos, mixups and general gameplay. Could never happen here again.
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User Info: BlueAnnihilator

4 years ago#5
^ Why would you want all that when you can talk about strawberry hookers and AISU-SAMA instead?
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User Info: I Celph Divine

I Celph Divine
4 years ago#6
im pretty sure im the only one who posted about tournaments and playing fighting games
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User Info: Dark Symphony

Dark Symphony
4 years ago#7
It was never that FG orientated here. During the height of Tekken 5 if I wanted to talk about it I'd go to Zaibatsu or the T5 board. During the TS boom I would end up at the TS board or maybe SRK despite visiting here frequently. It's a general FG board. Too much covered to be a good place to find any consistent info. I remember mostly anti SNK trolling, T Hawk Jr stuff and a bunch of other random nonsense.

What I don't get is how one person could singlehandedly kill off a scene. Just seems... odd to me for such a devoted scene (the FG scene in general) to let something like that "ruin" anything. Why didn't it just ruin Marn and that's it. It's not like he was the only person ever to do anything shady and it's not like that ended up being a consistent thing with him.

It's just kind of goofy.

User Info: playboydojo

4 years ago#8
I think I remember that Makoto thread. 3S had come out for PS2 and that thread convinced me to try to learn Makoto.
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User Info: bIuerain

4 years ago#9
I think that, in both your memories, Team T Hawk Jr and their related silliness overshadows everything else that went on here.

At the time, I barely even went to SRK and such, only just to get together with other MI peeps here and there. I just found discussion here to be much easier to find and get into it and responses were faster and it was more constructive.** Like that Makoto thread I mentioned is a thing that actually happened and had most of the stuff in it about 3S Mak that I still use today. The fact that SA1 is 1f and can be comboed off of Hayate, kara-karakusa, corner reset after EX Hayate and then s.LK or F+LK, her 100% combo, p much everything I know about the character I learned from this board.

This board definitely had actual fighting game players, tho the only names I can actually remember are Celph here, Otaku Ninja (3S player) and Grolin (Texas ArcSys player that also played everything else), but there were definitely more. And I think ShinA was around back then, but I only remember him defending SNK games from Badmash. And people would discuss recent tournaments, because a bunch of them were actually there at the tournaments. Like with that GGXX at SB fiasco. People were actually talking about it. So people would be talking about Seasons Beatings back in like 2007 or something and about how much they hate Marn. Now, I actually went to the last three SBs, and the last one bigger than any SB before it... and there's not a peep about any of them on this board. This board doesn't care about things like, say, Cammy turns out to be so powerful in SF4 that a random American, KBrad, can come out of pretty much nowhere and beat the Evo winner Infiltration. There is certainly more discussion of "rate my character" than there was of the last Evos...

There was definitely a time where I could make a topic about fighting game mechanics, and there would be discussion of it. Now, if I tried to make a TTT2 thread about how to to get Lars and another character on opposite sides of the dude getting juggled during Tag Assualts, there would be maybe two non-constructive replies, almost as if out of pity. Meanwhile I could be all like "yo WTF Leo actually has BOOBIES in this game" and it'd be a 500-post discussion of sexism.

(**This was long before SF4 was an upcoming game. There was actually a thread, that I'm p sure Celph posted in, where we all basically agreed that SRK was "too scrubby these days" to be useful. Well it's only gotten worse since then, tons of bad players with loud opinions, but also a lot more useful threads/articles. It also wasn't a news site back then.)
Funky Strong
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User Info: zarking_photon

4 years ago#10
I don't know what happened, but I'm just going to guess that he ate them.
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