Updated Super Cube War 3D (Unity game I made)

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User Info: VRX3000

4 years ago#1

The sin/cos weapon now works properly (I had the second's base rotation set to 90 instead of 180 for some reason)
minor tweaks in weapon balance (the shield lasts longer, stardust goes further but is slower than a normal bullet, etc)
Minor tweaks in enemy balancing and speed compared to powerups

But the main difference is the game is no longer random in terms of enemy placement. There are random elements, but it is random within an array. What I mean is, the very first time you play a level, one of 3 green enemies will be there. You will not get anything other than a green. The second enemy will be either a green or a red, so on and so forth. It is random, but it is balanced so you won't get the hardest enemies 20 times in a row, or on top of each other.

I also switched the spawning so mathmatically, it will go through 8 cycles of 15 rounds before the chance of identical placement can occur, and that is itself unlikely, since I specifically have each new enemy spawner spawn at a random rotation offset from it's parent object.

Oh...and now the sliders for the options are actually visible.

Anyways, controls are either arrows and space or mouse movement and left click, depending on your preference. Have fun.
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User Info: OrangeWizard

4 years ago#2
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