Describe this game in 3 words.

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  3. Describe this game in 3 words.

User Info: Billy Trance

Billy Trance
1 week ago#1
lack of content

User Info: windice93

1 week ago#2
U Have the game?

User Info: dawnbomb

1 week ago#3
Hidden Forbidden Holyground

User Info: TwilightKurughi

1 week ago#4
dawnbomb posted...
Hidden Forbidden Holyground

Hidden Forbidden Bulwark
Just because you want to find heresy in the hen-house doesn't mean you will no matter how many pentagram marks you find in the wall. ~ LegoTechnic

User Info: 1Theorist

1 week ago#5
Billy Trance posted...
lack of content

You, pretty much, described almost all modern AAA games. =P

User Info: Animestar5000

1 week ago#6
Super awesome epic

Tecmo Koei = Best Games :D
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User Info: RHF

1 week ago#7
Amazing chest ahead
For great justice! And Fruit Pies! *Official #1 supporter for Hsien-ko*

User Info: GameGearFear

1 week ago#8
Quit making topics!
If you believe in magic and I hope you don't, you always have somebody that will and won't :D.

User Info: hatori1181

1 week ago#9
Cant remap jump
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User Info: jon davis

jon davis
1 week ago#10
Cant f***ing see
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  3. Describe this game in 3 words.

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