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Beren and Luthien coming out in June.Sir Cyrus94/24 5:02AM
Lords of the RhymesAndFinrodFell32/13 7:22PM
How accurate are the locations in the movies to the books?Robin_Mask61/25 9:32AM
Can Aragorn do Jedi Mind tricks? Why doesn't he do it more?copenhagenLongC61/14 6:17PM
What will happen when Hackson eventually makes the Silmarillion Trilogy?iammaxhailme612/14 5:01PM
I know this board is dead but man I love this series/moviesLoyalToTheGame912/10 7:57PM
does the novel explain the final fates of the various races?Zikten211/12 12:26PM
New book comingEvelSaiyan210/25 8:13PM
New Zealand ToursGupster 2001110/25 12:04PM
Battle for Mosul = Battle of Five ArmiesEat Man110/17 4:22PM
Isnt the concept of the rings quite stupid?hoax12398/31 10:22AM
Should have just let men into the undying lands.ShaolinAced58/30 9:12PM
I know we've gone about the eagles a million times but... SPOLZARSAndFinrodFell57/12 9:39PM
Rate this Movie Poll 6: The Battle of Five Armies - Extended EditionTheGrowlanser26/22 9:28AM
So what did the Gondorians do with all of those oliphaunts?Amesang36/15 1:46PM
Rate this Movie Poll 5: The Desolation of Smaug - Extended EditionTheGrowlanser76/15 9:28AM
Rate this Movie Poll 4: An Unexpected Journey - Extended EditionTheGrowlanser36/12 1:29PM
Rate this Movie Poll 3: The Return of the King - Extended EditionTheGrowlanser56/12 1:27PM
Rate this Movie Poll 2: The Two Towers - Extended EditionTheGrowlanser46/12 1:25PM
Rate this Movie Poll 1: The Fellowship of the Ring - Extended EditionTheGrowlanser46/12 1:23PM
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