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If a Valar got a hold of the One Ring, would it have any effect?lilORANG412/30/2014
Barrow blades and NazgultheFFVIguy712/29/2014
Do the Dwarves also have an amazing history like the Elves?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Just what is the Watcher in the Water?LethalAffinity712/29/2014
What are your favorite songs from all the movies so far?Trippy_Hippie1012/28/2014
What exactly is the concept of magic in Middle Earth?Nova EX812/28/2014
They should have cut Beorn from the Hobbit movies (slight Hobbit spoilers)SSj3BillMurray812/23/2014
EE Special features question regarding AzogShinRyo212/20/2014
My Bo5A review (SPOILERS)theFFVIguy212/20/2014
What about the other rings?Damaged7912/18/2014
what a fun way to end the movies (spoilers)LotrMorgoth512/18/2014
Things from the first two Hobbit movies youre impressed with
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Isn't Peter Jackson just awesome?mohit9206612/16/2014
colbert in last movie?LotrMorgoth1012/14/2014
What would happen if Gandalf held the Ring of Power?knightmere122712/9/2014
IGN showing BoFA scenes on their Youtube page(Spoilers)Trippy_Hippie512/9/2014
Is it just me or did Legolas (Orlando Bloom) pack on a few pounds in last movie?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Do you think the Eagles would be perceived differentlyNova EX811/30/2014
Sauron reforms in the Middle East tomorrow (spoilers)Goatthief811/18/2014
What editions of tolkiens work do you have?
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