Failed to initialize network?

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User Info: Ben5k

3 days ago#1
Get this message every time I try and load up the beta. I have also downloaded the additional file for early access. Any ideas?
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User Info: SimondDayson

3 days ago#2
You too?

User Info: SONIC_305

3 days ago#3
Same here for me trying to see if theres a way to resolve it or wait for a bit
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User Info: SimondDayson

3 days ago#4
I was hoping to get a match or two in before I gotta head to bed for work. Not a big deal, I know, since I can play after, but still sucks.

User Info: TheGhostl

3 days ago#5
The servers are kinda messed up right now. Some people can't even get matches.
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User Info: I_Monarch

3 days ago#7
Yep its broke.

User Info: thegamer200519

3 days ago#8
yup same thing for me
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User Info: ShariganItachi

3 days ago#9
Same thing happening to me.
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User Info: Mavsown

3 days ago#10
Same. I pre ordered for early acess.
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