santa claus illuminati conspiracy

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User Info: WarioWitAShotty

6 years ago#1
santa claus is real,and he's an agent working for the illuminati working toward global domination and new world order!!! it may be hard to believe,but i think santa claus actually exists in some form,and is part of a vast conspiracy by the illuminati to control the world. he starts the mental conditioning that is a necessity for a society to be controlled. he's an unseen power never to be challenged. on christmas he replaces god---diverting attention from spirituality to greed,which is what drives the illuminati's ability to control the world's economy in ways i'm only beginning to comprehend!

"he sees you when you're sleeping,he knows when you're awake." sounds like "big brother" to me.
move the "n" in "santa" to the end and you get "satan"!!

see---santa comes on december 24,which is plus two is three,and two plus four is six. see?
three sixes---the sign of the beast!

the santa conspiracy: cia connection
think about what it must cost to run santa's operation. a secret artic base,henchmen,massive distribution
center,back engineered alien transportation. where's all this money coming from? huh? who's bankrolling this
operation? it's gotta be cia money-----probably from illegal drug trafficking! santa claus is usually associated with snow right? snow is slang for cocaine!

in conclusion,we can see the evil plot the illuminati has put together. do not support christmas! it,like all the
other holidays,are evil! they are all things to distract us from what the illuminati's true agenda is!!
next stop start trouble inside the waffle house

User Info: mogofwar913

6 years ago#2
I am assuming haarp has something to do with this.

User Info: HCE

6 years ago#3
The Easter bunny is the antichrist and the tooth fairy is the false prophet.
I am the light of the universe.

User Info: iamlegend_52

6 years ago#4
2 things

1. this isn't funny
2. you probably spent 3-5 typing this up, and laughed while writing it, and well, you're alone on that one.

User Info: Hyena 20

Hyena 20
6 years ago#5
Related and far, far funnier: (no, this is NOT a joke site!)
(BTW, evidence #2 is my favorite, LOL)
Hera is like the Greco-Roman pantheon version of Hillary Clinton.
[Independent Centrist]

User Info: Hyena 20

Hyena 20
6 years ago#6
Oh, yeah, I also remember a rather bad Chick Tract which claimed essentially that if you let your kid believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny, he'll become a serial murderer.
Hera is like the Greco-Roman pantheon version of Hillary Clinton.
[Independent Centrist]

User Info: krucifixhorror

6 years ago#7
santa is a child-molesting stalker. the christmas songs about him say so. sounds like the description of a suspect instead of a christmas song imo.
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