the great poke war (idea for fanfic)

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User Info: kiricat2

6 years ago#1
Thinking of writing a pokemon fanfic based on one line said by Lt. Surge (the gym leader) in the pokemon games:

"I Tell you kid, electric pokemon saved me during the war"

What war? was kanto under siege or something? Basically the fanfic is centred around a young pokemon trainer named Phoenix Ketchum who joins the Kanto military after a brutal dictator in Hoenn declares war against the region by amassing an army of gyrados to ravage the Kanto navy.
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User Info: kiricat2

6 years ago#2
Phoenix is a young brash kid with an extremely weak Pikachu and seeks to become a pokemon master, only he knows now that war as descended on the region he will not be able to realise his dream as pokemon masters are called to duty and the league suspended. His best friend Oak helps him enlist in a unit in which his brother serves headed by Lt. Surge, one of the greatest military minds of the region, and so begins a rocky relationship between the 2.

Surge takes an immediate disliking to phoenix and the hot headed young men enter a poke battle on the first day of training. A wager is placed on the battle in which the loser has to forfeit their pokemon to the winner. Phoenix loses and Surge wins his pikachu. distraught and depressed he seeks out his friend Oak who work in an infirmary for wounded soldiers. This is where he meets a young woman (who i havent named yet) whom he becomes romantically engaged with over the fanfic.

On their first official mission into frontline at Hoenn, two units are sent in to sabotage a communication tower imperative to Hoenn’s supply of weaponry and it’s poke army. Team Surge, headed by the Lt., and Team Rocket, headed by a young commander, Giovanni. Early on in the mission there is an encounter with Hoenn troops where Oaks brother perishes in the battle, making phoenix realise the reality of the situation.

After the battle Giovanni wishes to steal the pokemon left by the Hoenn troops but surge and Phoenix take a stand to this breach of warfare conventions. The troops then engage in a battle where Phoenix and Surge put their differences aside, and a defeated Giovanni splits from the kanto military with his renegades to head back to kanto.

Heading onward towards the communication tower surge tells Phoenix how he too once wanted to be a pokemon master but war changes everything, often for the worse. The two become inextricably linked from that point on.

In a final showdown at the communication tower it is revealed that Giovanni and team rocket were working for the Hoenn region all along. Another battle ensues, but this time the Team rocket enforcements overwhelm what remains of Surges force. Surges newly attributed pikachu refuses to listen to him in a heated encounter with the enemy, but Phoenix explains to his pikachu that he has a new master now and must obey him. The pikachu then proceeds to save surges life at the last second by using a giant electrical storm strengthened by the tower and blowing team rocket away. This not only strengthens the bond between surge and the pikachu, but also between Phoenix and Surge.

Unfortunately by being there for surge, the pikachu is unable to protect his previous master who falls in battle. As surge stands over his fallen comrade, phoenix hands him a small gift, a lightning stone, and tell him how he planned to use it on the pikachu when he had reached maturity. After proudly seeing his old pikachus lightning attack he thinks he is ready to evolve now.

As the war comes to an immediate end with the fall of the communication tower, Surge heads back home to tell oak of his loss and also the young lady about Phoenix's death. Upon hearing the news Oak quits the military and resumes his pokemon studies while taking care of his orphaned nephew Gary. After, Surge finds the young lady heavily pregnant with phoenix’s son whom she decides to name Ash, as every Phoenix one day rise’s from its Ashes.

Filled with hope that one day Ash will be able to achieve his father’s dream, Surge heads back to his home town, Vermillion City, where he opens a Gym to train Pokemon trainers with his old friend’s Raichu.
But still I fear and still I dare not laugh at the mad man...

User Info: epicmatchchamp

6 years ago#3
wow that is something i had not thought about in a long time but i think it would be kind of cool to see something with pokemon that has a more in depth story line and isnt just based around getting gym badges. This is a tremendous idea and i say go with it i would love to read anything that you can come up with. This is something i would love to help with if you would like. None the less great idea and good luck :)
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User Info: Dabrikishaw15

6 years ago#4
Fact: all fanbases are unpleasable, deal with it.
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