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Just got a PSP, are the Ys games worth buying (vs renting)?

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  3. Just got a PSP, are the Ys games worth buying (vs renting)?

User Info: Red Lobstar

Red Lobstar
5 years ago#1
I've only played two Ys so far, Ys IV for SNES and Napishtim for PS2. Both were ridiculously short, like beat it the same day or next morning short. One of the main draws of the PSP for me was of how many Ys games there are to catch up on, but I see prices for each one are about $20-30 on Amazon. I honestly thought they'd be cheaper, being older games, but they are what they are. So are any of them long enough to warrant a purchase, or should I plan on renting via Gamefly? I don't know how post-game or bonus content works for this series, but in the two I played I don't think either had any.

User Info: culture_den

5 years ago#2
I remember playing Legacy of Ys Books 1 and 2 on DS. People absolutely hated this version, but it was my first of the series and I liked the game. Just the very design instilled such a great level of nostalgia within me (even though I had never played this series before) that I played them to completion.

Anyway I actually bought Ys Chronicles on PSP, YS 3 oathy felgy, and Ys 7 on the PSP, all of them for FULL price. Digitally that is. Talk about supporting a company even without having a case and physical copy (I just really prefer the benefits of digital even with the potential problems of the format in many years' time) huh?

I haven't actually played them yet though. I'm hoping that since Lunar was such a pleasant surprise and experience that these Ys games will also be good.
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User Info: Tenchi UK

Tenchi UK
5 years ago#3

YS I and II chronicles is 2 games long
Felghana is a game that is awesome to replay and the psp version adds a newgame+
Seven is a long rpg and the largest scale Ys game from memory.

plus all of them are awesome!.
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User Info: Thryhring

5 years ago#4
People seem to not like Ark of Napishtim on PSP for some reason. What was wrong with that version of it vs the PS2 one?

User Info: Davzz

5 years ago#5
Loading times is the only thing I can remember. I vaguely only recall "technical problems" as to why people don't recommend Ys 6 for the PSP.

Anyway, if you're really hard on cash, renting Ys is fine. I never particularly felt the need to replay the games, they're very linear, tightly focused short games.
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User Info: culture_den

5 years ago#6
Load times. Load times will always be a gamebreaker for me, probably the top, number one reason to not play a game for me.
When life gives you melons, you make melonade.

User Info: zavlinz

5 years ago#7
if you only buy one make it ys 7. Very high quality game, lots of extra stuff to do. I would rent the first two games, theyr both quite short (especially the first).

User Info: Thryhring

5 years ago#8
Hmm, if load times are the only real problem I might not mind

I think I'm kind of weird when it comes to loading times in that I don't seem to notice when they're long. Whenever I read about a game and see people complaining about load times I think to myself, "Wow, __ second load times? That sounds terrible, I'll probably be pulling my hair out"

But I can also think of several games I've played and had few problems with, and then I go on their message board when I finish it and see tons of people talking about how unbearable the load times were... but I never seemed to notice that while actually playing

So I guess it might not be so bad. I think if I got into this series I would rather have the uniformity of getting them all on PSP(that you can get on PSP, anyway)

User Info: culture_den

5 years ago#9
Hey, I played and actually liked Tales of the Abyss as much as the next guy, so I too don't mind load times that much if I end up enjoying the game. But Ys 6 wasn't exactly that great to begin with and I'm not the type to suffer mediocre video games well.

Not to discourage you of course. I remember last year when all these bunches of Ys games started coming out for the PSP, I really started to get interested and my collector's instinct started kicking in, making me want to get Ys 4, and 5, and 6, and any numbered Ys games still left to own the whole series.

But that interest fizzled pretty quick for me, I simply lost interest, nothing more.
When life gives you melons, you make melonade.

User Info: Strife2

5 years ago#10
Legacy was fun for no other reason than running into enemies was fast, furious, and made traditional RPG combat look like sludge.

Felghana was nice for its inclusion of platforming, though some sections were annoying (the castle near the end).

7 was great, but the quest layout left a lot to be desired. Returning to previous areas for a slightly bigger dungeon seems like silly, old school design. The end dungeon and boss fight were fantastic though.
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